Torture is illegal and immoral

Best part of the whole debate, in my opinion.

But do you see?  Do you see how just by being there Ron Paul brings commonsense to the whole debate?

First Cain is for torture and so is Bauchman and then Ron Paul speaks TRUTH and by doing so he takes the whole debate to a higher level of consciousness…forcing people to THINK instead of just react in their pre-programmed FOX NEWS “kill the terrorist” kind of way (and did you see people’s reactions? some rolling their eyes and shaking their heads…they love death, they want their enemy to suffer, they want BLOOD!…makes me sick to my stomach..) …and then Huntsman just parrots what Ron Paul said.

This happens every debate, Ron Paul speaks TRUTH and gets cheers and then everybody just rips off what he said in one fashion or another.  What you are seeing here is a “portal of light” in action….even if he has no hope of winning, he’s changing things just by being there…just by speaking TRUTH.  And that is how we change things in this world, by speaking it…even if no one listens, even if no one cares, and most especially if you are persecuted for it…the TRUTH must be spoken!

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