White House shooting suspect thought himself Jesus, Obama antichrist


BOISE, Idaho — An Idaho man accused of firing an assault rifle at the White House believed he was Jesus and thought President Barack Obama was the antichrist. He had become increasingly agitated with the federal government, and at one point, he suggested Obama was planning to implant computer tracking chips into children, according to court documents and those who knew him.

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, 21, was charged Thursday with attempting to assassinate the president or his staff.

He is accused of firing nine rounds at the White House last Friday night — one of them cracking a window of the first family’s living quarters — when Obama and the first lady were away. If convicted, Ortega faces up to life in prison.

He was arrested Wednesday at a western Pennsylvania hotel when a desk clerk there recognized him and called police.

Ortega’s public defender, Christopher Brown, declined to comment after his first court hearing in Pennsylvania. Ortega’s mother has said he has no history of mental illness, though authorities had reported he had “mental health issues” when they were looking for him.

At his first appearance in court in Pennsylvania, Ortega sat quietly, his hands free but his feet shackled.

He said only, “Yes, ma’am” when he was asked whether he understood that he would be going back to Washington to face the charge.

According to a court document released after the hearing, authorities recovered nine spent shell casings from Ortega’s car, which was found abandoned near the White House shortly after the shooting. An assault rifle with a scope was found inside.

A person who knows him subsequently told investigators that he had become increasingly agitated with the federal government and was convinced it was conspiring against him, the document said. Others told investigators that Ortega had reportedly said Obama was “the antichrist” and “the devil.”

Authorities said Ortega was clad in black when he pulled his car within view of the White House on Friday night, fired shots and then sped away. The White House has not said whether the Obamas’ daughters, Sasha and Malia, were there at the time or commented on the shooting.

The FBI took custody of Ortega’s car Thursday afternoon to continue the process of reviewing evidence, said Lindsay Godwin, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Washington field office.

Ortega has an arrest record in three states but has not been linked to any radical organizations, U.S. Park police have said.


My Thoughts:

It’s starting!  It took a little bit longer than I thought it would, but it’s just as I always suspected it would be.  If you are the sort of person who believes in The Way Of Jesus and strives to walk therein, your government HATES you and wants you dead.  Satan owns your government….he owns all the kingdoms of the world (See Luke 4:5-7) and he’s out to destroy all TRUE Believers in any way that he can.  

Who knows if anything written in this article is even true, but that’s not important…what is important is how they will twist the facts to make you see things in a certain way….this is called “propaganda”.  Here they are trying to paint anyone who believes in Jesus or believes that Obama is the Anti-Christ as being “crazy” and “violent”.  I call this the “Christians Are Terrorists” meme, and what they are trying to do is paint “christians” in the same light as “muslim extremists” ….actually I wouldn’t be surprised if they went to using that word “extremist”, as in “christian extremists”, that seems very likely.  And do you see how he is from Idaho?  Where all the militia groups go to hide out it the hills…there and in Montana too, most of them are.  From here they will also be starting in on the “abolish the 2nd amendment” meme.  

No God and No Guns in this New World Order!  NOPE!

This will only help the TRUE Church, as more and more of these memes surface the fake christians (those who don’t really believe or walk in The Way) will start to actively distance themselves from anything having to do with christianity or from any talk of the “end times” or that we are living in “the end of days”.  They want you confused and helpless, having no idea what is really happening.  This will leave just the mindless sheeples in the 501(c)(3) “state-approved” Romans 13 luving church…and then the TRUE church out in the wilderness where we have always been, unconnected and despised…but THRIVING and getting stronger everyday.  

A TRUE Christian does not resort to offensive violence for that is sin and sullies our walk in Christ, impairing our ability to “hear” Him.  He fights for His Children in His own way and in His own time, no need to pick up a weapon and fight…and those who do are NOT Christians.  Remember this in the days to come, Jesus was never apart of the “zealots” who wanted to violently overthrow the Roman Government, for that is an exercise in futility…for we fight not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places!  For those who walk in The Way, your weapons are Love, Prayer in and through The Holy Spirit and The Light Of Truth which you SPEAK forth through His Word.  This is how we fight, for to do anything less makes you no better than those who wish to kill you.  

“For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light
~Ephesians 5:8

2 thoughts on “White House shooting suspect thought himself Jesus, Obama antichrist

  1. Very simply stated yet profound. Notice he said if we knew a thief was coming we would be ready, NOT if we knew his intentions we would be out hunting him down before he could get to us. Difference between offense and defence.

    • YES! Big difference there between offensive and defensive violence…but the line is very blurred for some. I believe that we have the responsibility to protect innocent life, like children or those too weak or too stupid to protect themselves…but only after THEY start it! Honestly, tis’ better to go peacefully though and be taken into their camp as a sort of “Trojan Horse” secret weapon, as someone God could really use and speak through right to their face. It’s a tough decision and I don’t know if any of us will know the RIGHT choice until faced with it…I like to think that if it were me they came after, and my children were right there and involved then I would have no choice but to protect them but if it were only me I would probably allow myself to be captured for I know I could do the greater work from within the enemy’s camp…..really though, I just hope it’s a decision that I will NEVER have to make. I have THE RIGHT to believe what I believe and they have NO RIGHT to persecute me and kill me for it, it’s that simple and that is what we must cling too in the days ahead.

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