On The Frontlines

Yesterday our cell phone tower died and our internet connection is cell based…we live too far out and in woods too dense for anything else…even satellite.

My kids have all gone insane, all the little bad behavior problems that each has had at different times and in different ways that are unique to them…they’ve returned all at once at the SAME TIME.

They also all started being sick with some kind of runny nose, coughy mucousy thing…although today it is practically nonexistent.

My animals have gone nuts!  My favorite sweetest goat Rosie charged out of her pen yesterday while I was milking and nearly ran Samuel over.  I flew, you heard that right, I jumped up and flew (literally) through the air in order to stop Rosie from running him over….I am a naturally klutzy person with the extra “momma poundage” from 5 pregnancies and yet somehow I managed to FLY… I flew like 10 feet and then, grabbing Rosie’s collar, I landed HARD on the milking table with my right leg, it was so bad I didn’t feel it at first and now there is this HUGE gnarly bruise.  And I scratched up my right arm too.

Saturday night was the worst…roosters crowing at 3 am, mice invading the house (I could hear the chewing and scurrying in the walls!) yet the cats are fighting each other and not the mice!  And Jack barking and barking and barking and barking at nothing and everything.  Usually he sleeps on our enclosed side porch but in the past few days he has taken to sleeping on the front porch right in front of the front door, he’s a good guard dog…he knows what’s up.

And it got COLD, down to 19 degrees on Friday night, but now the temperatures are back to normal and even unseasonably warm.

I’ve gotten ZERO sleep in the past two days, but for no reason…my senses are on edge, everything is crazy here…you can feel it in there airs and I CAN”T sleep!

We haven’t been at this LEVEL of happenings since 2009 when my husband first started making his You Tube Videos…it’s sort of a pain in the butt, a mild nuisance at the very most…..but I tell you now, I won’t be silenced 🙂

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