For A Woman, The Question is as OLD as Humanity…

Will I usurp authority, power, and control over my husband and do what I want (or control him into doing what I want for me is more like it) all else be damned, thereby casting my lot with SATAN and the Satanic World System where all pansy men in suit and tie answer to their wives?  (cause that’s the establishment norm, don’t ya know?)

Or will I use all that is in me, how God has made me so very different from a man, and use these strengths to come alongside my husband and help him as companion and friend and lover, his weaknesses covered by my strengths and my weaknesses covered by his strengths as ONE FLESH, in fulfilling God’s purpose for his/our life?  (also thereby fulfilling God’s original purpose for woman in general)

Even God himself said that it is not good that man should be alone.

We all know how it ended for the first couple.

I WILL NOT make the same mistake as Eve.

Feminism is a LIE straight from HELL.  I have always stood against it and always will.

Man and woman are made equal in the eyes of God.  Woman’s position is nothing less than a man’s…for while woman was made to help man (and there is no shame in this, but great blessing and hidden power for the woman if the position is accepted with humility and grace) man is born from a woman, and so we are equals.  But feminism seeks to elevate the position of woman above that of man and then punish him for all these supposed injustices that he has committed against her over the years…feminism has NOTHING to do with femininity, it’s ALL about feminising the men.

Woman was made from a rib of man.  Meaning, she has something that he needs and only she can give it to him.  And how will she give it to him?  Make him into her little slave and own him completely, having total power and control in the relationship?  As if to say “You think you’re so big and strong huh?  And look at me, just this little woman and yet you answer to me!”

Or, will she willingly, humbly, lovingly share this with him?  This, which is not hers, which God has given her, will she give it back to him?  No guile, no doublemindedness, no lies in her mouth.  Will she help him with her strength and thereby be covered by his strength?

The World despises this teaching!  All the fury of Hell will come aganist anyone who dares utter this teaching.  And why?  Because it’s a symbolic picture, the perfect marriage is of Christ and His Church…His Children, His Bride…He is both Father and Husband.  The feminists can not understand the tender precious beauty involved with this symbol…it is hidden from them.

The church has left it’s First Love and become a whore, commiting adultery with Satan and his World System…and that is why it despises these teachings and so willingly accepts the feminist point of view in direct opposition to what The Bible, which they claim to revere, says.

Our society makes it so easy for the woman to usurp power from the man, it FEEDS and THRIVES off of this.  But don’t be fooled, the other side has power too…much Truth and Hidden Manna is given to the woman who humbly accepts, and with gratefulness and thanksgiving, her God-given purpose and capacity to wield it.  Again, do not be fooled, God’s Ways have always looked like foolishness to The World.

2 thoughts on “For A Woman, The Question is as OLD as Humanity…

  1. You can count on me to be your Amen corner on this subject!!! I can’t stand to see how most women treat their husbands now days. And also can’t stand to see how the men allow it! As a people, we seriously need to stop and think about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it and get our collective heads back on straight and get back into our intended roles within the home. When you strive to live within that intended role, it’s quite easy to see that it is a very nice place to be! 🙂

  2. I suspect that as long as women dominate as teachers and especially administrators in public schools, the majority of children will be indoctrinated with the feminist agenda. Boys will continue to be transformed to behaving like girls, having their character and strength castrated by ritalin during their prime formative years in the guise of treating “ADD”.

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