The Obligatory Weight Loss Post

OK People…I’ve given birth to 5 KIDS!  As you can imagine my body is not quite what it used to be (that just might qualify as the understatement of the year!…but the year is young yet haha!).  Actually, having given birth to 5 KIDS, without painkillers, and 3 of those births have been at home I might add, it is the greatest joy and blessing I have ever recieved! Believe it or not.  Nothing in this world has made me a stronger more beautiful loving caring woman than having birthed 5 children…I love my body, it’s abilities, it’s strengths…it’s a good body overall….I just want it to be a little bit smaller…

I have been “chubby” (and I use that term loosely 😉 ) my entire life and now, as I get closer to 30 (I’m 28), I fear that I may be getting downright FAT.  I don’t like feeling SO FAT.  I have felt HUGE for 2 years now…and it’s tiring, and stupid.  I gave birth to my first daughter, Charity, on 6/27/2010 and then got pregnant 3 months later (no, not on purpose, but these things happen…that is LIFE and it is GOOD!) and I gave birth to my 4th son, Samuel, on 7/3/2011.  Now, nearly 6 months later, my life is getting settled again…somewhat; and I am getting good sleep again…somewhat; so, I figure, now is as good a time as any to get this baby weight off 🙂

At age 19 when I married my husband, I weighed 163 pounds, a solid size 10.   After my first son I got all the weight off and weighed 158 pounds before getting pregnant with my second son.  We were living in a second story apartment at the time and I gained nearly 60 pounds with that pregnancy….after having him I managed to get back down to about 173 pounds before getting pregnant again and giving birth to my third son.  After my third son things got REAL hectic and I admit I never really gave the weight loss thing the attention that I should have…raising three boys doesn’t leave time for much else.  Right before getting pregnant with my daughter I weighed 182 pounds and was a pretty solid size 12, after giving birth to her I weighed too much…and was already doing the weight loss thing when I got pregnant AGAIN!

And now, nearly 6 months after the birth of my 4th son, I weigh way too much!  I won’t lie to you, I will be honest…I weighed myself this morning and I weigh 211 pounds…..yeah…..but I am STRONG, stronger than I have ever been in ALL my life, and muscle weighs more than fat…it does, at least that’s what the “experts” say.  And I’ve breastfed all my kids and my bust size has increased appropriately, so A LOT of that weight is in my chest! LOL  I’m sometimes a size 14 and sometimes a size 16 depending on who made the clothing and how the clothing is made…but I have 4 boxes of clothing in size 10 and size 12 and I would LOVE to wear them again…it would be like getting a whole new wardrobe 😀

So here is the plan, I’ve done this before, I know what needs to be done…I just have to fully commit to it and do it.  My biggest issue is that I am often too extreme, too perfectionistic…I’m either OFF or ON, I have no in between.  If I screw up, I get discouraged and give up altogether…I do that waaaaaaay to often and I need to STOP IT, I recognize that.  This will be about nourishing my body while losing weight…you won’t find any crash diets here.

1.  I lose weight most successfully when I cut most carbs and sugar, and not fat.  Fat keeps one satiated longer, especially saturated fat, which is good for you and the preferred fat of the brain and heart.  Carbs/sugar on the other hand…especially white flour processed products like cakes, cookies, breads etc.  offer nothing much in the way of nutrition and harm your body because of the extreme elevated blood sugar levels that they induce.  Most modern diseases find their root in out-of-control blood sugar.  The “morning sickness” of early pregnancy is caused by out-of-control blood sugar as the extreme increase in estrogen and progesterone makes one’s blood sugar more sensitive.  So, out of necessity, I have learned what is required to keep one’s blood sugar stable…small amounts of protein eaten often…we have a small hobby farm and produce lots of eggs and milk.  So eggs are always a big part of my diet, as is goat cheese made from the milk.

2.  I like beer.  Not cheap beer, but good “microbrewery” type beers…and so does my husband.  It’s a hobby that we share, of trying new and interesting type beers.  My most favorite beer in all the world is “Commodore Perry” by Great Lakes Brewing Company….an awesome fruity complex India Pale Ale.  We also recently started brewing our own beer and wine…but beer is high in carbs and beer and weight loss just DO NOT mix…the term “beer belly” didn’t happen on accident.  However it is at least better than drinking soda…the average 12 oz. beer has about 15 carbs and some nutrition….a 12 oz. Coke has 36 carbs and ZERO nutrition.  So beer is better than soda ALWAYS…unless it’s calorie free soda, but then you have the yucky chemicals and I don’t do that.  I have drank stevia (all natural plant derived sweetener, I even grew it in my garden last year) sweetened sodas in the past but they are far too expensive for everyday consumption.  Mostly I will just stick with good tasting high mineral water from our deep mountain well, and coffee with goat’s milk and no sugar.  I’m not going to completely eliminate beer, I am allowing myself 2 or 3 a week, carefully planned for….and 2 or 3 glasses of red wine a week.  I often like to have one alcoholic beverage with dinner.

3.  No eating after 7pm!  This is the one that I will be most strict with.  I have gotten really bad with the late night dinners and snacking, especially when I was pregnant, and this habit has continued after my pregnancies.  Tonight will be my first night in a LONG while (2 or 3 years at least) that I won’t be eating after 7pm…I know that this alone will go a long way towards helping me lose weight.  After I get used to 7pm, I plan to push it back to 6pm.

4.  As far as exercise goes, I run a small hobby farm and chase after 5 kids all day…I get plenty of activity, believe you me.  I hike in our woods, we live in the mountains so it’s ALL uphill….I have very strong leg muscles.  I’m not going to be doing any “official” exercising since my main issue is food and how I love it a bit too much.  And even though I strive to and often do eat healthily, food was all to often an emotional crutch for me in this last pregnancy…once I get that under control my basic daily activities should more than suffice in helping to work that weight off.

5.  I am still exclusively breastfeeding my 6 month old son so I cannot diet too drastically, I also have to eat nutritiously so that my milk stays healthy and rich for him.  In times past I have noticed that eating less than 1500 calories a day tended to lower my milk supply…so I’m aiming to keep my daily calorie intake above 1500 and below 1800.

6.  Just for the record, my goal is to lose 50 pounds by 6/12/2012…my 10th wedding anniversary!  My starting waist measurement is 38 inches and my hip measurement is 49….my bust measurement shall remain a mystery lol…I have taken a “before” picture but will not post it until I’ve lost a bit of weight and have something to compare it to…

As of NOW this blog has officially gone into weight loss mode…so expect more on this subject in the days and weeks to come!!! 😀

2 thoughts on “The Obligatory Weight Loss Post

  1. Glad to have someone doing it at the same time and in the same way…inspiration in numbers! I tried a low-fat diet once and actually gained weight. That sent me on the journey that found NT and Weston Price. I have decided to try the Maker`s Diet for 2 weeks and see how I feel. Along with the weight bothering my back, I have some issues cropping up (increased migraines, liver enzyme inbalance) that I want to try and fix. My weakness food-wise is bread, and my dinner drink is champagne (NOT the cheap stuff). In order to help my liver, I will have to give it up completely for now but I am tired of being sick and tired. Our schedule is different than many because without electric we wait for sunlight to begin working, so my cut-off is 8 pm. We are also set up to do our large garden and sell produce this year, and working in the heat with extra weight is misery! My first goal is to stick to it for 14 days. I too give up when I mess up and am going to try for just that long. Then I will try for just that long again. When I have the cravings conquered I will begin to think about goals in terms of numbers. I am excited to begin this parallel journey with you!

    • You drink champagne with your dinner? oh la la…hehehe, I never would have guessed that about you 🙂

      I like the Maker’s Diet, it is very sound. The increased migraines could be caused by excess estrogen…fat cells produce estrogen and the bigger they are the more they produce and we live in an “estrogen-rich” society, all of the plastics and pesticides and other chemicals in synthetic clothing etc. all emit toxic vapors and residues that have “estrogenic effects” on the body and that combined with excess estrogen from fat cells, and probably excess toxicity because toxins are also stored in fat…it can be more than your body can handle. I’ve noticed that the fatter I am the more headaches I get.

      For the liver, you might want to try milk thistle…when I had my back to back pregnancies I was so afraid that my liver wouldn’t be able to handle it so I was taking LARGE doses of milk thistle nearly the whole pregnancy and everything went just fine, also Saturated Fat is very nourishing to the liver….ALL of the glands really.

      I think that deep down when I give up too quickly it’s really a “pride thing”…I don’t like feeling like a failure so I stop because it hurts my pride to feel like a failure….and also I don’t like to be uncomfortable so I am always letting myself off the hook. It goes like this “I have been working and slaving ALL day taking care of 5 kids and livestock and the house and the land and I deserve an **insert food item here**” type of thing. I need to stop thinking of it in terms of I DESERVE a treat and think of it more in terms that I am serving my family, my animals, the land and it is REASONABLE service…it is not too much or too hard…I am too soft.

      I know what you mean about working in that summer heat with extra weight though! NOT fun…these past two summers found me HEAVILY pregnant, out there digging and weeding…sweating like a stuffed pig. I am so looking forward to a gardening season without being pregnant, NOW I can finally get some REAL work done 🙂

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