Well it’s been almost 1 week since I “officially” started to intentionally lose weight and I have lost 5 POUNDS!! ūüėÄ

And that is amazing to me because I was so sure that I would lose nothing…because, I must admit, the only guidelines that I followed 100% was the not eating after 7pm and limiting myself to one beer a day. ¬†I broke every other guideline *shrugs shoulders* but I am losing weight without them….so that would mean? ¬†They aren’t necessary! ¬†lol

In this past week I felt like I was meeting myself for the first time again, I have been SOOOOOOOO busy with the needs and demands of two babies…I have had so little time to just be ME! ¬†Having so many kids in such a short period of time really changes a person…it happens so quickly and so¬†permanently that you might not notice unless you pay very close attention. ¬†In that respect, birth…REAL birth without painkillers or medical intervention…is AWESOME!

I had not realized completely the transformative¬†¬†power of birth until this last birth. ¬†I believe I now know what the Bible means when it says “and she shall be saved in childbearing, if she continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.” (1 Timothy 2:15)…there is a special sort of “hidden manna” of strength, wisdom, and courage bestowed upon a woman when she enters into and goes through the birth process, the pain is a sort of “holy pain”…in a sense a “refining fire”…distilling her down to her very essence, revealing her core and basic foundation of everything she thinks she is and knows. ¬†She may think she is birthing a baby…but in reality, she is giving birth to herself…

To some that might sound disturbing or frightening…Me? ¬†I find it to be exhilarating! To be tried tested and proven worthy, to know that I am strong…fearless. ¬†Throughout history many many women have died while giving birth so in a very real sense, for the woman who lives through the natural untainted birth process, it is an overcoming of death…which is A GIFT for those who are willing to see this and embrace it…the blessing is IN the curse!

I believe that is why The Enemy works so hard at convincing women to not want to go through the pure untainted process of birth without help from man or medicine, because HE KNOWS that that kind of a woman is something fierce to behold! ¬†It creates the kind of woman that a man would be proud to have stand at his side, what he has in physical strength she can match in internal strength and strength of will developed within her through each birth and further refined by caring for and training the children. ¬†The word for this is sanctification, the whole process of life is given for our sanctification…and I believe this is something that our foremothers knew, the secret of their¬†stalwart hardworking character…¬†¬†a sort of “hidden knowledge” that sadly has been lost in our day and age….

Anyways, I had SO MUCH FUN yesterday! ¬†It was 55 degrees F here, the sun shining brightly and snow melting all around…so very unusual for January…but I’ll take it! ¬†The whole family went outside for nearly the whole day and we got A LOT of work done. ¬†There are several areas on the land that we are still focusing on clearing out… with piles of brush, saplings and small trees from my husband’s chainsaw tree massacres in the fall :grin:…and so we spent all day yesterday breaking that stuff down and burning it. ¬†We had a HUGE bonfire, actually as I look out the window right now, it is still smoldering with little ribbons of smoke floating into the air…

The areas that we cleaned out are over by the chicken coop…my wood nettle patch so that I can easily get to it next summer for making my specialty nettle beer and for inoculating my compost pile. ¬†Nettle, both standard and wood (wild) nettle, are awesome for jump-starting a lazy compost pile. ¬†When you turn the pile just lay down layers of whole nettle plants between 3 inch layers of soiled hay or brown leaves and it will be decomposing in no time.

I’ve also been organizing all over the house. ¬†We live in a very small cottage, almost 1,000 sq.ft. sometimes that is annoying…especially with 7 people living here…but I am grateful all the same as it allows us to be out here close to the land that we love so much. ¬†I also try and keep things in perspective, considering that the average home size worldwide is about 500 sq.ft….compared to that, I live in a MANSION! lol

I still don’t have this place how I want it though. ¬†I’m needing shelves, shelves and more shelves everywhere. ¬†It’s a 2 bedroom house, with the children sharing the largest bedroom and my husband using the second bedroom as an office and merchandise storage area for running our E-Bay Business. ¬†He and I don’t have a bedroom but sleep on the foldout couch bed in the great room, it works out well for us. ¬†In our old house we did have a bedroom but it was sort of worthless and pointless…just a place to sleep and store clothes, not really used for much else, so not having a bedroom isn’t really a big deal for us. ¬†Plus, it’s less for me to keep clean and organized ūüôā

I have to tell you, I am REALLY looking forward to this gardening season. ¬†I am planning on trying out several new things this year…this year will be the year of beans and corn…I am really trying to hone my skill at growing the subsistence crops this year in hopes of increasingly living off of mostly just what we grow. ¬†I will be growing lima beans, fava beans and cowpeas (black-eyed peas) for the first time ever. ¬†It will be my second year growing dry corn, the first year’s plot did well but it was a small “test plot”, barely enough for a batch of corn bread…I gave the rest of it to the chickens. ¬†I plan to also be focusing more on root crops…I got a Japanese heirloom turnip that takes only 30 days and also a parsnip, before potatoes were discovered parsnips were the basis of diet for many areas in northern Europe. ¬†I have never tried parsnips but have read that they are very sweet.

The weatherman is calling for more warm weather today, I think I’ll be clearing out more brush and building a new bonfire on the coals of yesterday’s bonfire and rest afterward, a cold beer in hand, by the fire…the¬†gurgling of the creek, the golden light of the setting sun, the laughter of my boys as they take turns throwing sticks in the fire, the smile of my husband, the light touch of winter’s chill upon my cheeks, the dripdripdrip of the melting snow, the squishiness of thick mud under my boots…thank you oh Lord, thank you…

2 thoughts on “Working

  1. Parsnips are one of my very favorites. I do it the way my grandma did- boiled until fork soft, then dipped in milk and corn flour. Fry in an inch of hot oil, turning once, until browned and crispy. YUM!

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