On My Mind

  • Warm weather.  It has been SO WARM here, so unbelievably WARM it is UNREAL.  We were in the mid 50’s yesterday…MID 50’s in JANUARY!….I cannot believe that.  So, I have been outside enjoying this warmth and cleaning up the ol’ homestead.  Cutting down and burning brush and I Shop Vac’ed the ceiling of the Goat Shed, lots of dusty cobwebs from summer’s spiders and winter’s hay dust.  My fingers are itchin’ for spring cleaning and spring planting.  Two days ago I planted Fava Beans, Peas, Radishes, and Kale….just a bit of each, not a lot, as I really don’t care to waste the seeds.
  • Dead Oven.  My oven died a few days ago, the stovetop still works though.  We might be able to fix it, and then again I just might not bother….I haven’t really decided yet.  You see, I have this policy that when some electrical appliance dies I try and replace it with a non-electric version or not at all.  I did this when the vacuum cleaner died (didn’t replace it, I just sweep the floors now…we don’t have carpet, so it’s REAL easy), when the coffee maker died (got a non-electric french press coffeemaker), when the dishwasher died (didn’t replace it)….so, I would REALLY like to get a wood cookstove, but that’s going to take more than a bit of doing and more than a bit of money!  But between the breadmaker, crockpot, deep fryer, and dehydrator I think I can manage without the oven.  And in the meantime I have turned the oven into a “warming box” for keeping fermenting and sprouting things warm (we don’t run heat at night and it can get pretty cold in here)….all I do is leave the oven light on and it stays about 80 degrees inside the oven.  I currently have soft winter wheat sprouting to make “sprouted wheat (essene) bread” in the dehydrator and lentils and brown rice sprouting and fermenting to make “dosas” (a delicious little fried indian flat bread).
  • Dead Power.  The power company called yesterday and informed us that there will be a planned power outage today from 4pm-6pm.  Great.  Well, at least they called first…fun times, fun times.
  • (partially) Dead Internet.  Sometimes it works, mostly it just farts around and takes FOREVER to load.  It’s cellular internet and it normally works pretty well except for the past 3 days or so…I think it has something to do with the solar storms.  My husband has an Android X2 Smartphone and while it has been working better than the cellular internet modem it’s also not working so well.  Oh well. (shrugs shoulders)
  • Eggs.  Saving eggs for hatching….in just the past week the hens have really upped their output and we’re getting about 8-10 eggs a day now.   February 1st is the day we begin incubation of our next batch of chickens…we did 3 batches last year but this year I think we may just do one large batch at the beginning of the season.  I’m going to need 24 eggs, so I start collecting them up about 1 week beforehand and leave them sitting out at room temperature in an egg carton.  I read once somewhere that the more pointed “oval shaped” eggs are roosters and the more rounded shaped eggs are hens…therefore, since I want mostly hens I collect and save only the more rounded shape eggs, this mostly seems to work as last year we hatched mostly hens, at a ratio of only 1 rooster for every 3 hens. We eat the young roosters when they are about 20 weeks old, before reaching sexual maturity when the testosteroni hormones make the meat tough… they are delicious and tender when eaten young 🙂
  • Seed starting begins in February too!  I have LOADS of seeds to start indoors and then transplant to the garden later on…some of the ones that I am very excited about this year is a tomato called “Ananas Noir or Black Pineapple“, “Futsu Black Squash” and “Noir Des Carmes Melon“.  I also have purple podded peas and purple podded snap beans and purple carrots!  LOL…this year’s garden theme is all about outrageous color, since a lot of the garden is right in the front yard I want it to be a spectacle for the people who drive by! HA!
  • Tap Tap Tapping Trees.  The weather has been so warm that the sap has already started to flow, catching me off guard, I’m barely even ready for it.   Can’t wait to have some REAL maple syrup, however it will not be so good for weightloss….I tend to eat far too many pancakes during sugarin’ time! 😉
  • Weightloss.  It’s been nearly a week since I weighed myself last….I have been so busy with just wanting to be outside in this warm weather that I haven’t paid much attention to weightloss, although I AM losing I can tell that much!  Last time I weighed myself I had lost 7 pounds total since January 1st.  Right now, my clothes feel way looser….I took a look at my measurements this morning and I have lost 1 inch in my waist (it’s now 37 inches) and a 1/2 inch in my hips (it’s now 48 1/2 inches).  I’m still sticking to not eating after 7pm although sometimes I wake up at 2 or 3 am STARVING….I just drink a big glass of raw goat’s milk and go back to bed.  I’m also still only having 1 beer a day and I have been gradually cutting back carbs and upping my overall intake of saturated fat in order to rid myself of sugar cravings.  There was a time, 4 or 5 years ago, when I rarely ever ate sugar…and I am trying to get back to that time but, believe it or not, sugar is the most ADDICTIVE DRUG on this planet.  WOW.  I had not realized how addicted I had become during these back to back pregnancies…. withdrawal has been a be-otch to say the least.  All in all though the weightloss thing is going better than I had expected and as long as it keeps being SO WARM, allowing me to be outside, this weight should come off in no time!
  • With the homeschool testing only 2 months away (it’s usually on or about April 1st) I have been ramping up the schoolwork, doing mostly review….making sure that we have covered everything.  Elijah is in 4th grade this year and that is when they learn about West Virginia State History….which I know NOTHING about…although I do remember learning Maryland State History when I was growing up in Maryland, but of course that won’t help me now.  I am very interested to learn more about this state that I love so much though…did you know that they originally wanted to call West Virginia “Vandalia”??  This is what we will be going over today.  I’m more of a science gal myself, especially biology and plant science, geology is a close second for me.  Elijah just recently started learning cursive writing and Solomon (1st grade) is busy learning how to add and sutract 2 digit numbers, Matthew is in the “pre-reading” phase and learning the names and sounds of the letters.  Today is a crafty day, we’re gonna make these snow globes using old baby food jars that I have saved up and whatever toy figurine they decide to put in it….I’m thinking they would probably love army men, we also have a small Garfield figurine that would look cool too 🙂
  • The Anti-Toddler.  My 18 month old daughter, Charity, just recently learned how to say and apply the word “Yes” and it is SO CUTE.  She says “yes” to nearly every question that you ask her.  For most toddlers it’s “NO!” but for her it’s “Yes.”  You can follow almost any statement with a “isn’t that right Charity?” and she’ll emphatically say “Yes.” 😀

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