One Week Without Sugar: Day Four

Another sign that I am definitely in ketosis is that I was hardly hungry yesterday, hardly at all.  I almost had no desire to eat, it was strangely weird.  I wasn’t even physically hungry until almost 1 pm…so I had a big salad as my first meal of the day 😀

One thing that I have not yet mentioned is my supplement regime…it’s not much but I feel it bears mentioning because these things are super important and, when done correctly, supplements can really help to enhance one’s health.

Almost everyday (sometimes I forget, especially on really busy days) I take:

  • 1 tbsp. cod liver oil
  • 1 tbsp. of I AM LIFE tincture
  • 2 tbsp. brewer’s yeast mixed into 1/4 cup of water
  • along with 1 tbsp. food grade diatomaceous earth
  • and 2 tbsp. RAW apple cider vinegar also mixed into that 1/4 cup of water, which I chug down while holding my nose LOL!

I usually take this after breakfast.  The cod liver oil contains all the good vitamin A and D which is so necessary to the proper absorption of all the other nutrients, the I AM LIFE tincture is homemade using an herbal mixture from The Bulk Herb Store (LOVE that place!) and is like taking a whole food vitamin, the brewer’s yeast contains large amounts of all the B vitamins and the diatomaceous earth contains all sorts of good and healthy minerals, I add in the RAW apple cider vinegar as it is an acid (just like the stomach acid) and will aid in the breakdown of all the nutrients so that they may be more thoroughly assimilated by the body.  I also give each of the children 1 tsp. of cod liver oil along with 1-2 tsp. of Super Kids liquid vitamins.  My children rarely get sick, twice a year at the most and it’s usually just some small runny nose itchy throat thing that’s over in a couple of days….I have not been sick, not one bit, in well over two years!  And NO, I am not exaggerating…

Here is the paltry amount of food that I ate yesterday:

12oz. coffee with 6 oz. raw goat’s milk (from our goats)

A “Big Salad” made with 3 cups organic baby greens, 1/4 cup chopped red onion, 3 pickled pepperoncini peppers chopped, 2 oz. shredded cheddar cheese, 1 hardboiled egg chopped, 5 SLICES BACON chopped, and 2 tbsp. Italian dressing with romano cheese along with a couple dashes of RAW apple cider vinegar….I make  this a lot in the summer when I can add fresh tomatoes from the garden (I REFUSE to eat store bought tomatoes…blech)…I usually call it “The B.L.T. Salad” 🙂

my "B.L.T. Salad"...without the "T" 😉

1 Vitamin Water ZERO my favorite is either the “XXX-Antioxidant” one or “Drive”

And then later on I had about 4 oz. leftover crockpot pot roast, 1/2 cup RAW sauerkraut, with a big dollop of sour cream and horseradish…I ate about 2/3 of this and felt STUFFED so I gave the rest to the dog…he was pretty happy about it!

2 5 oz. glasses of Chardonnay

And here is my breakdown from FitDay:


It’s been cold and snowy here lately so I haven’t done much in the way of work outside…like digging in my garden, which I would LOVE to be doing right about now.  But I did start getting stuff out of the main storage closet and going through it and stuff from the attic too…when we first moved here all the “extra stuff” kind of got thrown up into the attic, but now that I am no longer pregnant and the babies are a bit older I finally have the extra time and energy to go through it all and I have been cleaning and organizing.  Most of it will probably either end up in the trash or donated to my town’s local thrift store.  It will be nice to have the attic cleared out and cleaned up as we will soon be turning it into a loft bedroom for the two oldest boys…it’s hard to say the last time it was cleaned though (other than by me when we first moved here), the previous owner said he never touched the attic and he lived here for 4 years.  I found a lot of old junk, actual SILVERware…as in made of silver…and a bunch of old pictures when I first went through and cleaned out the one part that is over the addition…but the other part that is over the original cottage has yet to be conquered, and that is next…. I have so much energy it’s unreal!

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