OK, again…

It’s been a month since Jack, our dog, died and I am over it now and ready to move on …not that I have been in mourning really, just adjusting to life without him.  He was my main working companion around the homestead, always following me around and keeping me company while I worked…I can say one thing though, all the cats seem much more relaxed without him around..hehehe…

However, without Jack around to protect them, something…either a raccoon or a possum…attacked the chickens two nights ago.  It killed “Little Red”…one of our oldest hens, small and sweet and more of a pet really, I had decided not to eat her as she was deeply traumatized by being held hostage by an Araucana rooster we used to have named “HillBilly”…we killed and ate him of course, that was long ago.  So, I wanted to let her live out a happy life and she got ripped in half and tossed about the chicken coop by some varmit trying to get at the two eggs she was sittin’ on while sleeping.  Feathers, blood, and egg shells everywhere…I felt like I was on an episode of C.S.I…

We finally got the clothesline fixed.  It got taken out a few weeks ago by a doozey of a storm that drenched a couple of throw rugs that I had hanging on it…so, I’ve been contentedly busy with washing and hanging all the linens…over the wintertime, I always forget how good line dried sheets smell…and how much I’ve missed it without even realizing that I did miss it…a smell that is both foreign and nostalgic all at the same time.

Samuel is teething.  Cutting his top two front teeth at the same time, he’s been extra clingy and having trouble sleeping…so I’ve been on the midnight watch, the early morning vigil…me and a pot of coffee…

Gizmo, our oldest cat, gave birth to her fourth litter of kittens 2 weeks ago and they still live! (all of her litters before this have died)

And I have kitten pictures! 😀  I’ve just been too lazy to load them up to the computer yet…it’s been a loooooong week…and my computer is ancient and painfully slow, and the cellular internet connection that we have ain’t much better…

Our big bad black kitty, Mafufiham (pronounced “ma-foof-i-ham”…we just call him FOOF) is the daddy…but, fortunately, all of the kittens look like Gizmo!  Which is what we were hoping for….we don’t know what breed she is as we picked her up as a stray, my husband rescued her as a tiny kitten about to be eaten by the chickens in our backyard when we still lived at our old house…she looks very similar to a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat, she is so gorgeous and I am very happy that it appears that we shall get to keep some of her offspring.

I’m ready to do the weight-loss thing again…I kind of gave up took a break from it when Jack died…sadness makes me wanna eat too much, and so I did myself a favor and just put the weight-loss thing on the back burner for a little while.  Despite that though, I did manage to lose 2 pounds during that time…better than none at all, or worse yet GAINING…so, I’ll take it 🙂

This Spring has been so amazingly gorgeous that it doesn’t even seem real…we’ve had daytime highs in the 60’s and 70’s (and one or two days  in the 80’s!) and lows in the 40’s and upper 30’s for so long now that I am getting spoiled…seriously.  We have TONS of greens coming from the garden…spinach, swiss chard, kale, mustard, mache, chicory, dandelion, and several different types of lettuces..including my fav…”buttercrunch” …along with radishes and spring onions, add in some chicken meat and some hard boiled egg and that’s a meal right there!  One of my favorite meals actually…

And that’s my idea for this latest phase of my weight-loss journey to eat mostly only what we grow and work my ass off growing it 😀

I think that it could work, I really do…cause I wanna lose 30 more pounds by June 12th (my 10th wedding anniversary)…I’ve lost 20 pounds since Jan. 1st of this year and I know I can lose the rest, I just have to psych myself up somehow.  We’re getting 12-15 eggs a day right now and there are 4 more old hens who must die, we’ve got goat’s milk that I can make delicious goat cheese from and vegetables both domestic and wild-foraged (RAMPS!…oh oh and morels, …and fiddleheads!…I need to get out into those woods and SOON lol)…I think my only exception will be grass fed beef from our beef farmer friends, not everyday, but Nathan and I enjoy having a good steak about once a week…usually on Friday nights.

Oh oh and I almost forgot!  My oven is fixed somwhow…I think I shall declare it a miraculous healing! 😉   No, we didn’t fix it…there’s no money for that…oh we could have gone in debt to fix it, but we don’t do debt, ever.  (the only possible exception would be for a seriously sick or injured family member, if they required hospitalization etc.)  I prayed about it when it first happened but never bothered to check it again until a couple of nights ago.  I decided just to try and turn it on and see what happens…I’ve really been wanting a nice roast chicken with the delicious crispy skin, you just can’t get crispy skin with a crockpot…so I turned it on and it worked!  I then proceeded to make some baked potatoes…hehehe…

And I must go…duty calls! (literally :grin:)

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