We got dat Varmit!

Remember how I told you that something attacked our chickens and killed one? Well, it killed another one, this time it was a Light Brahma Hen… and so Nathan got the traps out and baited them with duck eggs and voila! dead possum! 😀

A very young female, I could tell by looking at her teats that she had never even had a litter yet.  So, I skinned and gutted her and roasted her in the oven till the meat was tender and falling off the bone.  She wasn’t real big but we all got to try some….tastes like a cross between dark meat turkey and pork, except really greasy…like fried chicken greasy.  Only a slight hint of gaminess though, honestly I’ve had buck deer that tasted gamier…

possum all cleaned up and ready to cook! (sorry for the blurriness...I had a better picture than this but my nearly 2 year old daughter Charity deleted it! one of the hazards of doing a blog post with a toddler on your lap...)

I used this recipe : Southern Baked Possum with Sweet Taters (‘cept I didn’t use a board..I didn’t get why they said to use a board ??)

Nathan had just picked up a bag of organic sweet potatoes on sale for $2.99  when he went to the store on Wednesday…so, that worked out perfectly!

The rest of the carcass I am currently boiling in water till the bones are soft and then keep the “broth” for cooking rice (I always cook rice in broth for the added nutrients) and then feed the rest of it to the chickens and cats.

One dead varmit = safe chickens + everybody gets fed!

All in all, not a bad deal 😀

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