Weight Loss Update

this pic is soooooo unflattering, therefore, you must click to enlarge 😛

Recently, I have been going through photos of the past year, updating photo albums and weeding through all of the photos stored on the hard drive of my computer…and I found this photo of me on the left here….it was taken in September 2011, about 2 months after I had given birth to Samuel and just 1 year prior to that I had given birth to my daughter Charity (almost to the very day…Charity was born 6/27/2010 and Samuel on 7/3/2011)…so this flesh suit that you see here is SO. NOT. ME….it’s the accumulation of 2 PREGNANCIES worth of extra FAT.

I’m not exactly for sure how much I weighed here, as I didn’t weigh myself…but I know that it’s the heaviest that I have ever been in all my life.  If I had to guesstimate I would say that I was somewhere around 220 pounds??  And I am 5’4″ so 220 lb. is A LOT!

So, I got out the camera and snapped some new pictures yesterday of how I look right now…to compare and give you an update on my weight-loss since I haven’t done anything on it in a while 🙂

In these photos I weigh 190 pounds and I’m wearing a pair of size 14 Levi’s jeans….and I don’t think I look none too bad after having had 5 KIDS!  Although I’ve still a looooong ways to go!  At the beginning of this year when I started getting serious about losing weight I weighed 211 pounds and I’ve lost 21 pounds since then and I want to lose about 30 more to reach the size I was on my Wedding Day…163 pounds and a size 10.

I currently still eat very little sugar or carbs, a lot less than the average person, usually around 75-100 a day…the average american is said to consume 400 carbs a day and most of that in the form of high fructose corn syrup!  I stopped drinking soda, it’s been well over a year since the last time I had a soda 🙂

I find that key for me is to start out my day right.  My breakfast is the same every single day…

-2 eggs from our hens fried in butter

-slice of sprouted wheat toast with butter or homemade goat cheese

-4 oz. glass of orange juice to down my supplements

And then for the rest of the day I mostly try and stick with things that are homegrown/foraged from the homestead.  I eat 1 BIG Salad everyday, either for lunch or with dinner, using homegrown veggies…we’re getting at least 15 eggs a day right now so sometimes I have even more eggs…deviled eggs or pickled eggs with some fresh or lacto-fermented radishes from the garden and a beer (that’s my fav “happy hour” snack…around 5-6pm whilst Nathan and I putter about the garden…the unseasonably GORGEOUS weather continues! 😀 ).  I’d say that about 50% of my diet right now is homegrown and/or foraged from the wilds that surround us….and today I have plans for a nice young rooster, I’m going to invite him to dinner….muhahahahahahahaha! 😈

4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update

  1. YOu’re looking great Stephanie! I know I’m also on this weight loss journey and It feels SO good to get into size 16 jeans instead of size 22. Right now I’ve reached a plateau, but I still want to get down between 140-150, but I’d be happy with 160…lol! I’m 5′ 5″ and my main goal is health, not a size, but a size 10 or 12 would be nice.

  2. I agree, you look great!
    I’m still struggling quite a bit…I am still at the same weight I was when I started this journey on 25 Feb.
    My husband and I are talking of moving to the country…it’s very exciting to me but also a bit ‘ack’!!! I did live in the country back home but I had no involvement in growing anything and haven’t much clue where or how to begin. We haven’t officially began looking yet, but I still want to start learning what I can.

  3. Rhiannon, the best suggestion I can make is learn how to make everything from scratch as much as you can…so that way when you are producing each individual separate ingredient you’ll be practiced in how to combine these things together to make an actual meal. People are so used to just opening a package and popping it in the microwave and “beep beep boop bop” and voila! dinner. most people they have NO IDEA anymore how to manipulate and fully utilize REAL food….learning how to make everything from scratch will also save you money in the long run…

  4. I may be well on my way then! If I can manage to keep the plants alive that is.LOL I’ve only had a microwave once in my life – the first home we had as a married couple had one built in – I rarely used it. And growing up prepackaged, processed food wasn’t common in the small markets around home so I never did get used to much of it. I remember the first time I tried chicken noodle soup from a tin…ick!!! I’ve been in America since Aug 1997 and still can not believe the amount of stuff sold at large grocery stores! I went with a neighbour to Sams for the first time a few days ago and felt so overwhelmed I had to leave.

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