There’s A New KID On The Block

Last night, around 10pm, my Rosie girl became a momma for the first time...a pure white little girl who looks EXACTLY like her daddy...

She's doing very well, was up on her feet in just a few minutes looking for a meal...Rosie took right to it, she's doing so well as a momma. ...

Rosie, so UNlike her own momma Darlene, who was raised bottle-fed by humans and had NO IDEA how to be a momma and was even scared of Rosie when she was born...when Rosie was born I had to go out to the shed every few hours and pin Darlene against the wall and hold her still so that Rosie could feed (and Rosie was born on 6/2/ I was about 37 weeks pregnant at the time), but after about 2 days Darlene's "mothering hormones" took over and she became an excellent mom to Rosie...and now mothering comes naturally to Rosie because she had a goat mother and NOT a human mother 🙂

Daddy's little girl...I've heard that bucks can be mean to kids, but Pegasus hasn't been mean ONCE to this little kid....

Now I just need a name....hmm...

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