Cheap Effective Natural Deodorant

About 3 weeks ago I was digging in the garden in the sunshine and it was about 80F and I was sweating and thinking and digging and sweating some more….and I took a break from digging and I was standing in the shade drinking a big glass of iced green tea and I was standing there in my own sweat and stink and all of the sudden it came to me…COCONUT OIL!!

Most of my best ideas usually come to me in this way, just out of the blue, especially while I am doing something mundane and repetitive like digging …”use coconut oil for deodorant” is what my mind said.

And I was like “DUH! that makes PERFECT sense!” 😀

The stink of the armpit is caused by an overgrowth of bad bacteria that like the warm, moist, dark conditions of the underarm.  Regular deodorant uses things like aluminum and other chemicals to repress sweating and stench, but sweating is a natural bodily process that rids it of toxins…you want to allow for the sweating while eliminating the stench.  The high saturated fat count along with it’s medium and short chain fatty acids gives coconut oil unique anti-microbial properties, as well as being a natural skin conditioner.

So, with this in mind I finished up my last bit of digging and went inside and took a quick “rinse off” shower before Samuel awoke from his nap.  After my shower, instead of applying the natural “crystal” deodorant that I usually use I rubbed a tiny bit of coconut oil into my armpits and then got back to the busyness of life and forgot all about it….until the next day, and I remembered it and smelled my armpits and there was absolutely no smell at all…and I was like “COOL!” and so I had Nathan smell me, just to be sure cause sometimes it can be difficult to smell yourself and he said “nope you don’t stink” and I was very excited.  Yes, I am weird like that…I get excited over the littlest, strangest things…

And so I melted down about 4 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil (it remains solid at temps lower that 76F) over very low heat on my stove top’s “warming zone”…you could use the oven too…DO NOT use the microwave!  (THROW IT OUT!  It’s killing you, seriously…don’t believe me??  Here’s a good article: …. we threw ours out years ago…)  After it was melted down I then mixed in about 20 drops of lavender essential oil, which also has known anti0microbial effects…and it smells good too!  I love the smell of lavender 🙂

And I have been using it ever since, and all you need is a little tiny bit…I just dip in the tip of my finger and rub in a very small amount…not too much cause you want it to soak in quickly so that no residual oil gets on your clothing.  Not only does it successfully keep the stink away but it’s also great for soothing the armpit skin after shaving…my pits smell and look great!  hahahahahahaha! 😉

5 thoughts on “Cheap Effective Natural Deodorant

  1. good idea. we have been using homemade coconut oil lotion as deodorant because the girls got a rash from the baking soda/cornstarch kind. we like nutmeg essential oil because everyone can use it (some do not like floral and I cannot handle floral scent, even essentials)

  2. I love this! I ‘pull’ coconut oil every morning, first thing. ( take a thimbal size piece and put in mouth and swish all around for a few minutes while doing other things) spit, not into a drain as it will clog over time, I use my counter trash can, not the one for compost. Rinse and run your tongue over your teeth… smooth as glass and that is before the after breakfast brushing. It is called pulling because it pulls the bacteria from gums, sinus, etc. I rarely have a stuffed head anymore and nothing like the impaction I lived with for so many years, gums don’t bleed. So… adding deodurant to this,
    although with pulling I smell better to begin with. I found you while looking for dill brine to pickle my eggs in this week… but pickline skills are limited to gram’s recipes and all with vinegar… need to learn more before adapting your method without.
    Wishing you continued success with this very interesting blog.
    PS: having lived a good deal of my life without a microwave and then throwing mine away on Dr. Mercola’s advice, my daughters and I can vouch that we do not miss them. Going back to… 2- 1 and 2 cup syrup warmers do everything we really used them for.

    • YES! I “oil pull” with coconut oil too and it is highly effective, cured a tooth that I thought was getting abscessed…thank you for such lovely comments 🙂 sorry about the late response…thanks to the “land hurricanes” and east coast outage we were without electricity for 11 days, just came back on last night….so, I should be back to regular blogging soon

  3. I’m back! Have been using the deodorant this summer but not, up here in the northwest… it is solid as a rock already and winter has not arrived yet. I am thinking to melt it down and add an oil that does not solidify so easily. I have sunflower and olive oils… would either of them work?
    Will adding another oil take away from it’s effectiveness?

    That must have been a very difficult time… we were out for only three days last year and I about went insane. One tiny pot on a tiny wood stove top. Electricity is always on my gratitude list.
    We had an outage in the middle of the night a few weeks ago. C-pap not working woke me.
    I got in the car and drove all around our peninsula… no lights. Until I reached a point where I could see into Canada and the Ferry station lights. Happy to go home and wait the few hours, knowing they had power. I no longer watch Revolution. :o)

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