Around The Homestead: Spring 2012

I got a new plant for my birthday…I think it’s soooooo pretty…

…it’s called “Fuscia”..

The garden is doing wonderful! Everything is in bloom around here…this is an azalea flower with a butterfly and a bee on it 🙂

my fava bean plants…first time growing them this year, they are doing very well (excuse the weeds!) …

fava beans have black and white flowers…I think they looks so neat and unusual 🙂

here’s a Virginia Gold Tobacco Plant…our first year growing tobacco, we’ve got 6 plants so far…

pea flowers of a dutch type called “Blue Podded Blauschockers” (I think I spelled that right lol)

…it has two different colors of flowers, pink/purple type and a more bluish/purple type…

bluish/black pods starting to form 😀

the view from our back porch…I so LOVE living on the edge of the woods!

the view from the bridge that runs over the creek, that’s the goat shed in the distance and if you look carefully on the tree branches overhanging the creek you’ll see little peaches starting to form…

woods with “God Rays” (at least that’s what I like to call ’em!) hehehehe..

more woods


creekside, from the bridge…my favorite side 😉

our newest kid…she’s starting to get her horns now, we finally decided on a name for her…”Lacey” 😀

my favorite of the kittens…we call her “Kitty Exceptional” named after her grandmother “Kitty Awesome” who ran off and left us with her son “Mafufiham” who is “Kitty Exceptional’s” father…

a pile of sleeping kittens with “Kitty Exceptional” being the only one awake…

another kitten, a big ol’ fluffy boy named “Fufimo”…a combination of his father’s name (Mafufiham) and his mother’s (Gizmo)

the “school center” Nathan built about 6 months ago…

we FINALLY got around to adding some shelves to house all our school books…I just LOVE the way it turned out!

…here’s a pic of what that same area looked like 1 week after we moved into this place (about 2 1/2 years ago)…Nathan created a similiar but BIGGER “built-in” in the kitchen and the wheat grinder is out there now….next on the agenda?? An 8 ft. tall floor to ceiling BOOKCASE!

Almost 2 year old Charity (or as well like to call her “The Chari-Tot”…as in toddler)…all wet from playing in the sprinkler. I recently bought her a new pair of shorts with 6 big ol’ buttons on them, and she so totally LOVES those buttons, she can’t quite say the word “button”, but she’s so infatuated with them that she walks around all day pointing at them saying “Look at my buts…look at my buts…” cracks me up everytime 😀

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