• First and foremost the garden is doing awesome!  Plenty of corn popping up everywhere, summer squash plants, melons, cucumbers etc.  The peaches are coming along great and the apples have gotten a lot of new growth on them… we’re harvesting sugar snap peas and shell peas, wild and domestic strawberries, blueberries and fava beans along with the usual lettuce and other salad veggies…this is our first year growing fava beans and they are GOOOOOOD…they’re a little bit tedious to prepare though cause first you must remove the bean from the pod then you must parboil the bean to remove a “skin” that it is encased in and then I sauted the beans in some olive oil with a bit of minced garlic and salt and pepper.  But the plant is very hardy and easy to grow and the beans are so tasty and so tender that the extra work is well worth it!
  • Our other doe, Marissa (a Saanen) gave birth yesterday….she caught me by surprise!  She had twin boys and gave birth to them earlier than expected, I think because one of the twins was dead.  And the other one got to be last night’s dinner, quite tender and tasty it was!  It was the first time I have prepared newborn goat, the last buckling given birth to here on the homestead we raised until he was about 8 weeks old and then killed him and ate him.  This time, doing it from the outset, was easier on me as well as the goat because she (and I) didn’t even have a chance to get attached.  Right after he was born, before he even had a chance to stand, I whisked him away and did the “dirty deed” and when I came back I thought for sure Marissa would be looking for him but she didn’t even seem to notice…just standing there eating hay.  As of this morning, she still doesn’t seem to notice or care, just being her normal loveable self.  I cleaned her and milked her right after the birth since her bag was looking very full, got about a pint of nutrient and anti-body rich colostrum which I combined with other goat milk, coconut milk and eggs in a chocolate smoothie which eveybody had a glass of…trying to take advantage of the rare and precious colostrum 🙂
  • The weather here has been sooooo nice!  So absolutely perfect I almost feel like I’m living in a fairy tale..it was HOT there for a little while, last weekend when my parents were visiting here… with temperatures in the 80’s but then it cooled down and we’ve had several days with temperatures in the low 70’s during the day and low 50’s at night.  PERFECT for doing hard physical labor on The Land.  So, I’ve been taking advantage of this and spending most of my days outside digging in the garden and getting the summer planting done, and still working on clearing out certain parts of The Land.  Clearing out trash leftover from the previous owner (I can’t believe the way in which some people just throw their trash around their property, not seeming to care at all!)….Chopping away at brambles and saplings and having bonfires.  The kids work right along with me, taking breaks here and there to sword fight with sticks or splash around in the creek or shoot each other with water guns…and Charity’s favorite place right now is the sandbox, she loves squishing the ants that climb in and out of it…I love this time of the year! 😀
  • I’ve lost 7 pounds in the past 2 weeks.  All this gorgeous weather which makes it so easy to be active, combined with all the delicious food we’re growing and eating , has made it very easy to lose weight…it’s just sort of falling off on it’s own without much thought or effort on my part.  My size 14 jeans are feeling loose on me, so I’ve been thinking about digging out my size 12 jeans to see if I can squeeze my butt into them yet….not much longer now…
  • And last, but certainly not least, Nathan has been very busy working on a new video series for his YouTube Channel and he finished the first installment last night!  It’s about The Rule Of Man VS. The Rule of God and it’s very well done….for those of you who are a bit scared off by the subliminal stuff I assure that this series is completely different and well worth your time…
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