Something “fun”

I have neglected this blog, I have. I know.

And then there is the usual excuse…”I have been soooooo busy!”

But I have been.  And that’s the TRUTH.

I’ve been doing A LOT of very physical work lately, working on the attic here at the house.  Hauling wood, screwing it into place with the drill, moving boxes around, climbing in and out of the attic WITHOUT using a ladder (it’s a bit tricky, takes some skill..) …for the past two days, and my arms are SO SORE …so, here is something fluffy and easy on this tired mind and body hehehe…

Homesteading Meme

1. Do you pasturize your milk? 

Nope, it’s Goat’s Milk and we drink it RAW…sometimes warm even, just minutes old from the goat…I like putting it in my morning coffee when it is still warm…mmmmmm..

2.  Are your hens laying? 

YUP!  about 12-15 eggs a day right now…I eat at least 3-4 a day.  I like em’ pickled!

3.  Do you still use your clothesline in winter?

Sure, if it ain’t snowing…they may freeze first, but they still get dry  lol…

4. When is the last time you left your homestead?

Saturday to attend The Farmer’s Market in Lewisburg and to buy lumber from the hardware store….although I’ll easily go 2 weeks or longer without leaving, especially in winter…there’s more fun things to do in summer though so I leave more often.

5. How many dairy animals do you have?

I currently have 5 goats…3 does (2 in milk, 1 pregnant) 1 buck and 1 kid

6. Laundry soap-homemade or store bought?

Homemade bacon grease/crisco soap grated into the machine with about 1/2 cup of baking soda

7. How much canning did you do this year?

Not much yet.  Some dill pickles, some pickled eggs….canned a bunch of pumpkin and pumpkin butter last fall though…

8. What type of meat is in your winter store? Home grown or store bought?

Grass fed beef from our beef farmer friends, homegrown chicken and deer when Nathan can get it…looking forward to venison when hunting season starts! Slaughtered a newborn goat recently…that meat was tender and tasty 🙂

9. Plumbing- outdoor or indoor?

We have both, plan to build an outdoor shower in the not too distant future too!

10. How often do you tend to the animals each day?

Well!  In the morning it’s feed laying hens food scraps and collect eggs.  Move chicken tractor with meat chickens in it to fresh grass and give fresh water.  Feed grain and milk the goats and give fresh hay and water.

In the evening I give ALL chickens a bit of feed before they head to bed.  Then feed grain and milk the goats again, give them fresh hay and water.

Next day: Reboot and Repeat 😀

11. Chickens-free range or chicken house?

My laying hens are 100% free range…makes for the most nutritious eggs.  I have meat chickens in a chicken tractor that gets moved to fresh grass everyday.

12. Chickens- butcher yourself or have it done?

Myself.  Paying someone else to do it would sorta defeat the purpose would it not??

13. How big was your garden this year? 

BIG.  Our biggest one ever! already harvestin’ peppers (hot and sweet), cucumbers, and zucchini pretty regularly…still have plenty of lettuce for salads too…I eat a HUGE salad nearly everyday…

14. How many acres is your homestead?

9 acres.  7 of that is woods though…

15. Do you rise with the chickens?

I sometimes hear the rooster crowing at 3:30AM!  So that would be a NO…

16. Last time you made a new quilt?

Never made one.  But my mom makes beautiful quilts, someday I would like for her to teach me!

17. Last time you did any sewing?

I don’t do much sewing usually…sewed a button onto a shirt about a week – ten days ago…

18. How many wild berries did you pick this summer?

LOTS!  We are currently picking wild black raspberries and the black berries are starting to be ready….also have domesticated blueberries…

19. What kind of jelly or jam did you make this year?

None yet.  But late summer is grape jam time! 12-14 pints usually…

20. What wild animals did you kill this year(for food)?

Does possum count??  It wasn’t for food per se …but chicken protection, then we ate it cause we’d never had possum before…  ’twasn’t half-bad…

21. Washing laundry- by hand or machine?

MACHINE.  I’ve gotta family of seven! yeah, umm I don’t want to even want to think about doing laundry by hand lol…

22. Is using the computer a waste of time for you?

Not usually….I only have time enough to use it for about 1-3 hours a day and I use it mostly for research for homeschoolin’ the kiddos and downloading stuff (videos, audio files etc.) that interest me…I am AWAY from the computer for most of the day…

23. Most hated chore on your homestead?

Dishes.  I LOVE to cook…just HATE that cleaning up part is all…ick..

24. Favorite chore on your homestead?

Milking.  One of the FEW times during the day that I get to be ALONE….it’s quiet too, I get a lot of thinking and praying done while I am milking 🙂

25. How do you plow your garden?

The old old fashioned way…all by hand…with a shovel, yeah…it’s fun too, and it makes you STRONG 😎

26. How often do you hoe your garden?

I mostly hand weed, but sometimes resort to a hoe if the area needing weeded is very large…I weed 1-2x a week, but not usually with a hoe…

27. Do wild animals raid your garden?

Fortunately not very often.  Sometimes we have issues with moles but the cats do a very good job of keeping that under control…sometimes a chicken will get in there and tear things up, that chicken then ends up as dinner MWAHAHAHAHA! 😈

28. Favorite homestead pastime?

Puttering around the garden in the evening coolness of summertime….taking hikes in the woods is a very close second!

29. Do you like being a homesteader?

Oh yes!  It is HARD work, it requires discipline and consistency to get the most from it, two traits that most people don’t possess nowadays unfortunately.  people have this “dream” of “living in the country” but it’s never based in reality…the work is HARD but the body is adaptable, the work will make you stronger and satisfaction will ooze from your every pore if you don’t chicken out first…

30. When was the last time you purchased any food item from outside of your homestead?

Saturday.  8 pounds of Grass fed ground chuck from our beef farmer friends.

31. How close is your nearest neighbor?

About 1/4 mile.

32. What color is your barn?

Don’t have a barn…the goat shed is yellow with a dark green metal roof though…

33. How many of your animals are bred at this time?

I have 1 doe still pregnant and 1 broody hen who would set some eggs if I’d just let her…but I won’t…

34. What were the last three animal births on your homestead?

chicks, kittens, goat kids 😀

35. How much TV do you watch at your homestead?

not much…we don’t have cable/satellite TV…but we do have Netflix which we can stream over Nathan’s Droid X2 when we want to.  We’re more gamers than watchers around here, if I want some entertainment I’d rather play a video game or read a book rather than watch something…

36. Can you make good bread from scratch?

Oh yes!~Check out my series: Our Daily Bread

37. Are you afraid to go outside at night?

No. Should I be?? 😕

38. How do you define homesteader?

One who lives off the land as simply and sustain-ably as possible.

39. Were you raised in the city or country?

ummm well, I was raised in central Maryland…I would consider it to be suburbia but according to Marylander standards it would be “country” sorta…more rural than most, but not nearly rural enough…which is why we moved to West Virginia!  I love it here and could not ever imagine living anywhere else…it’s perfect for me and sooooo beautiful 😀

6 thoughts on “Something “fun”

    • Well, ummm, it depends on the size of the load. I keep the bars and a grater next to the machine and just grate the soap in until it “feels” about right…maybe 2-3 tbsp. for an average load?? I don’t use very much…

  1. Stephanie I’ve followed your blog for a long time but never commented. I’m from West Virgina originally (currently residing in South Carolina) and between the news and my remaining mountain family we’ve learned about the state of emergency declared up that way. I just wanted to say our prayers go out to you, your family, and all residents of West Virgina for safety and perserverance in such a difficult time. God bless! –Kim T.

    • THANK YOU Kim for your prayers and message! We were 11 days without electricity due to the storms, it was interesting to say the least…but also highly educational…fortunately no one was hurt when the storms came through, and even though over 10,000 trees were down in our county alone not ONE tree fell on our 9 acres…we have so much to be grateful for!

  2. Shut off the phones in order to have the money for electric to the house by fal.. Feel like I’ve been away forever…glad I haven’t missed much!

    • NOPE not much! Considering that I have been without electricity for the past 11 days lol…you didn’t miss much at all 🙂

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