A Picture Post: Summer 2012

The latest family photo, taken by my mother-in-law during the electrical outage…from left to right, there is Nathan holding Charity (2 y.o.) then Elijah (9 y.o.) between Nathan and me, then me holding Baby Samuel (1 y.o.) and then Matthew (4 1/2 y.o.) and last but certainly not least, Solomon (7 y.o.) on the end there…it was freakin’ HOT people so that’s why all the boys have their shirts off, in case you were wondering…

The first 2 days after the electricity went out I cooked on this lovely fire pit that Nathan and I built together several months ago…it is the fire pit at one of our “guest campsites” (for family and friends who like camping)…we have 6 fire pits scattered about The Land and woods and this one is my favorite šŸ™‚

Once it became apparent that the electricity was not coming back on for awhile, we then got the kerosene cook-stove out of storage on the side porch. It had been nearly 3 years since the last time I had used it, but a bit of cleaning and tweaking and replacing of the wicks and we had it up and running in about an hour. Here it is pictured with our dinner cooking in the dutch oven and water for dishes heating in the large stockpot. I much prefer kerosene cook-stoves to propane fueled “camp-stoves” because of it’s versatility in that the kerosene can also be used for lighting oil lamps and, if it were winter, for our kerosene heaters. For emergencies, we always keep kerosene on hand and gasoline for running our generator…and of course, a good stockpile of wood!

A good view of our creek, the open area near the center of the picture is our “watering hole”….it’s about 2-3 ft. deep there (depending on the season) and, I imagine, was at one time used for trapping crawdads. We have an electric pump on our well with plans to get it fitted with a hand-pump as well, but had not done so yet, (but that is now at the TOP of our “to-do list”) so when the electricity was out for 11 days I hauled water from this “watering hole” using 5 gallon buckets. We mostly used this water for washing purposes but for drinking we would filter it through a reusable coffee filter to remove all sediment and then boil it for at least 3 minutes (preferably 7 minutes) and let the water cool and then put it through the Berkey Filter. Fortunately, on day 5 of the outage the electricity was restored at the gas station down the street and they sell huge 5 gallon bottles of water for the benefit of the campers at the RV campground across the street (WV is a very popular tourist destination) which they sold to us for $5.00/bottle since we are local regular customers.

We’ve got a pair of “white-breasted nuthatches” nesting in the eaves of our roof right in our porch…they have two baby birds and we love sitting outside and watching the parents fly back and forth feeding them and listening to their little peeppeeppeeppeeps šŸ™‚

Peppers! I just had to show a bit of the garden, the peppers (both hot and sweet) are doing so awesome this year…we’ve got nearly 30 plants and they are all very happy!

and here’s a picture of a couple of quilts hanging on the line at the woods edge, just cause I think it’s pretty šŸ˜€

I had more pictures to share but the internet is being slow and uncooperative, and I am too impatient to wait for them to upload… we have cellular internet and it does not like humidity and it’s pretty humid here right now, unfortunately…this recent string of HOT and HUMID weather is forecasted to break on Friday Night, and I really hope that it does! Ā I may load more pictures tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath about it šŸ˜‰

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