The Hive vs. The Smallest Minority

The next part of “Man’s Rule”, Nathan’s newest YouTube documentary series, is now up!

Capitalism Vs. Socialism  ..awesome 😀

This has nothing to do with the video…just a quick update: Been very busy with the putting in of the fall garden…we’ve have been getting A LOT of rain recently and so I am taking advantage of the subsequent softening of the ground to just go ahead and start my fall garden, it may be a bit early but you’ve got to take advantage of these things as they come! No drought for us…we live on the edges of the drought region, but there has been no “official” drought in southern West Virginia for as long as we have lived here (almost 7 years now)…the rainfall has always been perfect, so much so that we rarely even have to water the garden ourselves…and I am soooo grateful for that!

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