The Fullness Of Our Days

peaches are ripe, we’ve been picking and eating and eating and picking..making my first ever batch of peach wine too!

harvested onions and garlic and tomatillos…add in some cilantro and jalapenos from the garden along with a good bit of salt and you’ve got a great BIG bowl of lacto-fermented “Salsa Verde” 😀

I gave all the boys haircuts…here’s their “before” and “after” shots…Matthew prefers his hair on the longish side, I did my best to oblige him..

not little Samuel though, he’s too cute with his long “virgin” hair yet untouched by scissors 🙂

more harvest…those tiny pumpkins are called “Snackface”..full of hulless pumpkin seeds with little flesh…we LOVE roasted pumpkin seeds around here!

PEPPERS! I see hot sauce in my future 😀

and this where the babies play when we’re all outside working in the garden…

see the sand?? sand is fun!

Virginia Gold Tobacco air-drying on the side porch… ’tis quite tasty!

and here is a good shot of our GORGEOUS paprikas, drying “on the vine”…then we’ll grind them into delicious paprika powder..there’s NOTHING like homegrown homemade paprika, the stuff at the store can’t even come close! 😀

here’s my favorite chair, where I like to sit outside and’s cast iron and rusted, it came with The Land..I recently made a little table for it, from a hollowed out log and a flat smooth stone, it is QUITE sturdy…I put my drink there 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Fullness Of Our Days

  1. For some reason, I kept thinking your youngest was a girl too. Ooops. He’s a cutie though and I’ve been holding out cutting my littlest guys hair too for the same reason! 😉

  2. Don’t feel bad, you’re not the first to think he’s a girl…an old lady at the grocery store once told me “He’s too pretty to be a boy!” lol

  3. My youngest had the opposite problem! I remember once when she was just 2 she was still mostly bald and wearing a pink shirt that said “100% girl” and a lady in a store told me how handsome he was!

    All of your kids are adorable

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