• Building. . . an addition onto the chicken coop, for the past two days.  Just me and my 9 year old and 7 year old sons (Elijah and Solomon) using “re-purposed” wood salvaged from The Land.  Once completed, the chicken coop will be three times the size it is now.  We plan to greatly expand our flock come Spring.
  • Birth. . . My “Herd Queen” Darlene gave birth on September 30th.  One little girl, we didn’t even know she was pregnant! 😆  Goats are very good at hiding their pregnancies, especially if it’s only one kid.  Being half Nubian, she’s also very long in the torso which makes it even easier for her to keep a pregnancy hidden.  The last time she kidded I didn’t even know for sure that she was pregnant till about 10 days beforehand.  So that makes 3 DOES in milk which equals out to about 1 1/2 – 2 gallons of milk a day!  I see lotsa homemade goat cheese in my future!
  • Preparation. . . for winter.  We have a good system going.  Nathan chops down the tree and then chops the trunk into manageable sized logs, he did this last Fall and Spring, and the wood sat and seasoned on spot all year.  The kids and I then carry these logs to the house from the woods and put them into a pile by the chopping block.  Nathan then splits the logs into firewood and stacks it to further season it and for use in our woodstove throughout winter.  It’s a team effort, and our heating costs will be very LOW this winter! 😀
  • Planted LOTS of Garlic a few days ago.
  • Been back into the school swing of things as summer has ended here. Daily schooling Sunday-Friday, 6 days a week, that’s how we roll 😎 Just finished up a lesson on the planets and outer space, reading through The Hobbit together as we are so excited to see the new movie in December.  Charity, my 2 year old, is loving school the most and she’s not even being “officially” schooled at this point…but she knows more of her alphabet that her older brother Matthew (who is 4) but Matthew can count really high and she has no interest in numbers yet.  Taught the two oldest boys how to make a loaf of whole wheat bread, from grinding the flour themselves down through the kneading and even the shaping of the loaves.  Making and baking your own bread is a valuable life skill that every child should learn!
  • And it’s always the same this time of year, I always end up hating my blog and desire to delete it, but I won’t.  I’ve had so many blogs before, and deleting them, that this time I have decided that I will not delete no matter what.  I could go a very long time without posting right now, but force myself to do this post, to do a post once a week at the least.  I just don’t care….and it gets to be this way every year at this time *shrugs shoulders*  So, if there is something you’d like to know about from me, now would be the best time to ask…at least it’ll give me an idea for a blog post! 😉

7 thoughts on “Miscellany

  1. Honey, your Mom reads your blog to me almost everyday but she is too techno-shy to comment…we love hearing all your news and views! The new chicken condo sounds like fun!

  2. It’s been a fun learning experience to say the least, the previous owner of the house left behind so much junk and scrap wood that I have more than enough resources though…so that makes it easier. I try to get away with cutting as little of the wood as possible and just sort of piece together what I have like a giant jigsaw puzzle…we’re already about halfway done, I hope to be able to finish it up tomorrow as they are calling for temps. down in the 30’s ..possible first frost, but I really really hope not!

  3. I’m a foodie so any post on food usually intrigues me. Would you mind posting how & what you normally buy from stores & what you don’t buy. It’s always great to get ideas on ways to save from others. Sometimes we get stuck in our ways & then realize how we could change things up to help ourselves & our family. Also it would be neat to learn the ways you all save money even down to the little things. I know for my family of seven I save A LOT of money by buying clothing, toys, books, shoes, housewares, ( almost EVERYTHING) at yard sales. But I still think there are many other ways to save money & I know that you are a woman who thinks outside of the box ( in a good way :), so I hope to glean some ideas from you. So basically I would like to know the following:

    * Things you buy & don’t buy when grocery shopping.

    * Way you save money ( even the little things we don’t always look at)

    Hope I don’t sound weird 🙂 I just think there is so much we can learn from others!! Inspiration only inspires if we are willing to consider & apply it! Have a wonderful day….Mrs.C

    • Mrs. C …I think that is a great idea! I’ve done such posts in the past, but not in a very very long time cause I always tell myself it’s just boring food stuff….and I tend to have somewhat extreme opinions on nutrition (extreme when compared to mainstream views…although, completely normal when compared to historical/traditional views on food…)and I don’t want to appear as “preachy” but I will definitely do this 🙂

  4. More on tinctures and food would be great as the other pp asked. Also, how about any info on pregnancy?

    Just don’t delete please =) Its been hard in the past to find your new blogs when you have deleted your old ones. One time it took a couple of years!

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