The Politics Of Guilt And Pity

The purpose of The Slave State is to make all men, women, and children proletarians.

((Proletariat: 1. the laboring class; especially the class of industrial workers who lack their own means of production and hence sell their labor to live. 2. the lowest social or economic class of a community.))

This is accomplished by three steps.

First, The Slave State works to destroy Christianity and it’s rest, The Sabbath. This is its least confessed but most basic purpose.

Second, The Slave State works to destroy Work as a Holy Calling in order to proletarianize man. When work ceases to be a vocation and a calling, it becomes a burden. But because The State insists that this servile work is a duty and a matter of conscience, the unhappy and “rebellious” proletarian is made to feel guilty because he resents the enforced labor. As a result, Work is changed from a Holy Calling to a guilty burden. But this is not all.

Third, The Slave State also destroys property and inheritance in order to rivet men to guilty work, to slavery. No man can independently accumulate wealth or pass it on to his heirs. By forbidding private inheritance through severe taxation, The State makes itself the sole heir. By turning work into “national service” it reduces ALL men into proletarians and converts The State into the only capitalist.

The results of proletarianization are deadly.

First, there is a rise in sickness, because man is soul-sick and guilt ridden.

Second, The State seeks to resolve ALL problems by Technology. Whether it be problems of health, soil exhaustion, work, man’s inner conflicts, or anything else, a technological answer is forthcoming. The answer thus becomes MANIPULATION and not REGENERATION. Technology is always the last stage of a civilization. It is man saying that man’s control is the answer to ALL problems, the only result can be totalitarianism. Sin itself is reduced to a mental health problem, a question for technology to solve. Thus, one popular study of adultery concludes “Adultery is the symptom of a social disease. We must treat it as such.” If Adultery is a social disease, the answer then is social treatment and social control!

Third, by abolishing the concept of sin, the concept of responsibility is also eliminated. Environment then becomes the main cause of all social ills, and thus it becomes the duty of The State to provide man with a new environment to help manipulate him into “health”.

The Slave State, as it converts man into a proletarian; a man bound to work, tied to work; does seek also to give man leisure, but this “leisure” is geared to work. It is a reprieve from work in order to make man better able to work and more amenable to social control. The Slave State concerns itself greatly with “culture” as the oil in the social machine, to make it function with less friction. “Culture” in this statist sense is a kind of offering to the proletariat to demonstrate to them that now the worker has surpassed the nobility and capitalists in his social status.

The worker is now the patron of “culture”, and the ballet troupe exists to prove that he is the great heir and patron of “culture”. No more than a cannibal dressed in a top-hat, admiring himself in the newly acquired mirror, is the “proletarian culture” of The Slave State an expression of True Culture: it is a fraud on the cannibal and on the worker, to satisfy him with trimmings in order to make him agreeable to being robbed.

But, as leisure increases, man seeks to escape from the emptiness and pseudo-culture.  Man without God and without a True Sabbath Rest in Jesus Christ is man fearful of rest and self-confrontation.  Baudelaire wrote in his Journal in Time, “One must work, if not from taste then at least from despair.  For to reduce everything to a single truth, work is less boring than pleasure.”  The restless worker is unhappy with work and unhappy with pleasure.

In one store, where the workers fought for and gained shorter hours, the next problem was the presence of employees on the premises when not working.  Many workers returned to the store on their days off to visit with working employees, and it was finally necessary to bar non-working employees from the premises.

The worker wants rest, but cannot rest.  The worker wants True Work, a vocation, but is given slavery.

The proletarianization of man begins not with the formal socialization of society by state ownership of the means of production, but it begins with the secularization of society.  When the religious, the Christian, significance of work is destroyed or non-existent, man is reduced to a proletariat.  From a God-centered, transcendental frame of reference, his life and work are reduced to a man-centered and social frame of reference.  Socialization is then only a question of time.

In the biblical perspective, the Sabbath, although made for man, is the exclusive property of the Lord.  It is not man’s day, nor is its essential purpose man’s physical rest, but rather it is man’s rest in the Lord.  Man must trust entirely in God for his salvation and rejoice in God’s care and promises.  And the Sabbath involves thanksgiving for salvation, and the luxury of true rest in the assurance of victory.

The Sabbath also involves obedience to the word of God, and the most basic promise of obedience is healing.  According to Exodus 15:26 “If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord they God, and wilt to do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the Lord that healeth thee.”

In Deuteronomy 28, the curses on disobedience and the blessings on obedience are spelled out.  The Sabbath of The Old Testament and the “rest” given in The Promised Land, were only foreshadowings of the victory and rest to be given in Christ.  “Consequently there is a Sabbath Rest reserved for the people of God.” (Heb. 4:9)  This rest that Christ set forth in his resurrection is progressively manifesting in history…

Modern Man, however, cannot find Sabbath Rest because he is guilt ridden.  With more leisure than man has ever before enjoyed, he is increasingly restless and ulcerated in body and soul.  In the words of Isaiah, “the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.  There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.”  (Is. 57:19-20)

Man, having been reduced to a proletariat, is kept in the bondage of proletarianization by guilt.  The cornerstone of the slave state is guilt, and its hostility to biblical Christianity is intense.  The Slave State denies that man is guilty before God; sin is called an obsolete concept.  But man is steadily burdened with inescapable guilt in his relationship to The State.  Proletarianization is thus The State’s instrument of enslavement.

~The above is an excerpt from a book I am reading, “Politics of Guilt and Pity” – The Sabbath, Slavery, And The Proletariat Revolution – Chapter 7 – Pgs. 54, 55, 57 – by Rousas John Rushdoony


the new modern proletariat…enslaved by debt…debt to pay for his job, a job to pay for his debt…the cycle of slavery

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