Better the Devil you know…

I haven’t posted in a while, things are well here.  Snowicane Sandy dropped about 14 inches of snow on us and we had some wind gusts up to 40 MPH and the electricity went out for 66 hours but it was nothing we couldn’t handle.  Our first winter in this house, back in 09′, we dealt with snow that was MUCH WORSE, 3-4 FEET to be exact so 14 inches is really nothing.  Elevations higher than us, however, got 2-3 FEET of snow from the snowicane.  I got a lot of reading done by oil lamplight beside a roaring woodstove fire, it was glorious 😀

I am not surprised by the election results, nor am I stressed, nor am I depressed…I don’t put enough stock in politics to be depressed, for me it’s more of a hobby, I find it all to be quite entertaining and, truth be told, I feel excited and hopeful!  And SO GLAD that all that election monkey business is behind us and people can stop being so compartmentalized and caught up in all the drama.  Let’s lay the “voting demon” to rest already!  sheesh…

I am just happy to know which devil will be leading us to Hell in the next four years, and to a certain extent, I am relieved to know that it is Obama…as they say, “better the devil you know than the one you don’t know”.  I didn’t like the uncertainty that came with Romney and the possibility of complacency that would arrive should he have won the presidency.

Whew! There’s a republican in office now, that means we’re safe!”   NOT! 🙄

People look for any excuse to feel complacent and secure, any excuse to go back to sleep and stop fighting.  So, for that reason, I am GLAD that Obama got re-elected!

Four more years of that lying bastard’s ugly face stinking up your TV screen LOL.  His version of corruption is SO OBVIOUS, so totally in your face that it cannot be denied, I hope that it continues to sicken and disturb more people with each passing day of the next 4 years.  He is exactly what this country deserves and NEEDS!   People call it judgement, but it is MERCY and LOVE, designed to help you SEE and identify evil for what it is…the ability to discern such is what the average person is greatly lacking in this country…it’s called WISDOM and there is very little of it left.

I did learn one new thing though, I live in the most conservative eastern state.  West Virginia went 62.3% for Romney and 35.5% for Obama (KY and TN had nearly the same percentage spread)…every other state farther east than us went for Obama and those that went for Romney (NC, SC, GA) were all very close…but NOT West Virginia!  I find it to be very funny how it is quite nearly the complete inversion of Maryland (O: 61.7% and R: 36.6%) the state that I grew up in and left…from these statistics you can clearly see why I left! 😆

All is not lost, the real fight lies not in the empty promises of vapid men, but in the nitty gritty of everyday life…THAT is where the REAL living is done!  Today I took care of and provided for my 5 children.  I cooked them food and changed their clothes and cleaned them…we live and play and learn all day, together…and with each passing day I grow ever more grateful for such a precious gift!  I took care of animals and they in turn took care of me by providing me with milk and eggs and meat.  I watched over the land and it watched over me and provided me with radishes and lettuce and spinach and beets, yes even in the cold weather it provides!  Wood to heat my home as well!  And this evening, when Nathan gets back home from running errands in town, he and I will sit down and have a beer together and talk about our day or the news or whatever seems interesting to us at the time…it is such a joy to be married to my best friend!  Life is good and precious and I REFUSE to curse it simply because Obama won the election…

He may have won, but life goes on…and I hear threats that “Obama will do this, and Obama will do that..”  but I will continue to live my simple peaceful life and if one day the communist gestapo brigade pulls up in front of my house with a tank and blows it to smithereens then so be it!  But, until that day comes (IF, it indeed DOES come!),  with my lamp full of oil and my wick trimmed, I will live without fear, happily even, awaiting HIM and following HIM as best as I am able…and whether He comes for me or I go up to meet HIM…does it really matter??  In the end, it’s all the same anyways! 😀

4 thoughts on “Better the Devil you know…

    • Yup! Obama getting re-elected is like rubbing the dog’s face in the pile of shit that he just left on the carpet…america being the dog…it’s never fun, but sometimes it’s the ONLY WAY the dog will learn!

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