Bountiful Blessing

Yesterday morning I was making breakfast, pancakes and eggs, and was thinking to myself how nice it would be to have some red meat…we hadn’t had any read meat since Thanksgiving, we have STEAK and not turkey on Thanksgiving, but that was a while ago and we had long since ran out of the stock in the freezer and had not the time to make a trip to the beef farmer’s to buy more (we’ve been soooooo busy with our E-Bay business, it being christmas time and all…) so I really had a hankering for some red meat

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon, Nathan steps out the door to put some packages in the mailbox to mail off to E-Bay customers and there are 3 DEER in the yard!  It’s been hunting season for awhile around here and he’s been trying on and off to get one, as he has the free time to do so, cause we’ve been awful busy with the E-Bay business…  So, he ran back in the house and grabbed his gun and in less than 10 minutes we had red meat! 😀

a young buck, that's my arm in the pic in the process of gutting the deer

a young buck, that’s my arm in the pic in the process of gutting the deer…he downed it with a belly shot and then finished it off with a bullet to the head

Usually he kills the animals and I butcher them and cook them up.  The first fall that we lived in this house (2009) we got two deer, a large doe and button buck (button means he had very small antler nubs).  Fall 2010 there was a newborn baby in the house and NO TIME for hunting….Fall 2011 there was another newborn baby in the house and NO TIME for hunting…  So, it goes without saying that we are very grateful for this bounty of wild game!

This is the third deer that I have ever butchered (but I have also butchered 2 goats and they are similar to deer in size and construction..) and it went a lot more smoothly than the first time around!  The first time, I was about 8 weeks pregnant with Charity (our 2 1/2 year old daughter) and trying to fight back the morning sickness induced nausea from the smell of the guts….I’ve also gotten a lot more physically stronger since then, so this time around it was a piece of cake to remove the hide and saw through bones etc. Butchering large animals requires a good deal of upper body strength…



Last night, for our traditional Friday Night Sabbath Feast we had roasted venison loin and the tenderloin along with roasted potatoes and baby greens from the garden…it was SO GOOD!  He was on the small side, but we still got about 50 pounds of meat, along with the liver and heart which I plan to cook up tonight, and plenty of bones for broth making.  We’re even having fried venison for breakfast!


the hide with head still attached

Now to try my hand at tanning the hide.  The first time we got deer I wanted to try tanning the hides but couldn’t stomach it due to the morning sickness, this time however I am going to roll up the hide and put it in a bag and stick it in the freezer and buy the supplies I need off the internet.  You can use the brains of an animal to tan it’s hide, unfortunately the brains were ruined by a bullet, making them unsuitable for brain-tanning.  I’m very excited to make my own leather!

Thank you O LORD for this Hanukkah Sabbath Blessing! 😀

5 thoughts on “Bountiful Blessing

  1. We have only in the last several years moved to a place with deer. I have them in my yard quite a bit. One of my neighbors is a really good hunter who wants to get onto my land and do some hunting. In fact, he got a buck a few weeks ago and we purchased some jerky from him. It was my first time to taste deer meat. Kind of tastes like beef if I had to choose something to compare it to.

    I understand that once I put my garden in, they will be large rats to me (at least this is what my neighbors tell me) but still, they are so beautiful to watch.

    I long for the promise that one day the lion will lay down with the lamb and the baby will be able to stick their hand in an adder’s den. I long for something I have never experienced, but there is this inner yearning for the time when we could talk to them and be among them and not eat them.

    Anyway, I am glad you shared the way God provided for you. He has done this recently for me something I really desired but we simply didn’t have the budget for. I suddenly had coupons for it that covered all but four dollars of it. It was a blessing to me because instead of complaining about it or relying on money, God heard me and answered me and it was a sweet gift.

    Enjoy your meat, it looks wonderful!

  2. Carlotta, I can empathize with your feelings here about not wanting to hurt animals, I used to feel very much the same…before I started raising my own meat that is… I look at it this way, killing is the way of life on this planet, every living creature must kill to live….the deer killed grass to live, my husband killed the deer to live and that’s the way it is supposed to be. Even those who are vegetarians must battle the bugs and the animals, like rabbit and deer, in order to protect their produce…and that usually involves killing. There is nothing wrong with killing, so as long as it doesn’t involve killing a fellow human…and I daresay that if americans killed more of their own meat they would not be so blood thirsty and war-mongering as they are…cause it’s never pretty and seeing that “up close and personal” everytime they wanted to eat would maybe cause them to think twice about being so quick to wage war all the time 🙂

  3. I agree. I respect the way people treat the creatures that they raise for slaughter. They have been given for us to eat, no problem with that. It is my brainwashing from Disney that I am trying to fight off. LOL.
    I think it is horrible the way these creatures are treated by big business, much better to have a life full of sun and good food and to be eaten then torture and eaten. No? LOL.
    I also agree with your last point. Many times those who are the most “blood thirsty” have never seen much blood up close.

  4. Hi stephanie I just wanted to say when I have free time I love reading your blog, I am very glad u and the family r doing so good.

    God bless
    Jennifer brown

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