Lots of Nothing

Why I have not posted:

  • I had two awesome gardening posts planned, replete with pictures from last year’s garden.  Pictures that I had stored on a teeny tiny SD Card in my digital camera…and that teeny tiny SD Card has disappeared!  I’ve torn apart and organized my WHOLE DAMN HOUSE looking for this card and it ain’t here…I think one of the toddlers may have eaten it..
  • but now at least my house is cleaner and more organized..eh?  I found extra tiles for the floor and a pillow that belongs to one of our couches and I switched clothes around…little 18 month old Samuel is not so little anymore, had to pull out all the 2T boy’s clothes for him…they grow so fast!
  • Also did my seed order for 2013..only $60 this year, not too bad…last year I spent $100!  Working on my garden plan for 2013 as well, will be trying some new things like eggplant…never grew it before, but I will this year… 
  • And I’ve been making lots of venison broth from all the nummy bones from the deer that Nathan shot, soon I will be canning it.  I love home-canned broth in my pantry, it always inspires me 🙂
  • It’s warm again.  It’s amazing how a few nights of temperatures spent near 15F makes a 33F day seem “warm” but it does.!  And that always annoys me, I am thankful that it is warmer but I hate the fact that 33F feels warmer…I wake up and go outside to milk goats and I’m like “wow, it’s warm out here!” and I only wear a light fleece coat and leave my hat in the house. . and that annoys me, 33F should NEVER feel “warm.”…
  •  When it’s “warm” I do not post, I go outside and do all those things that I have been putting off because it was too cold.  Like the big bonfire that we’ve got planned for today, burning the gigantic mass of boxes that has accumulated from all of the shipping and recieving from the x-mess E-Bay business season..finally coming to a close!
  • And that’s another reason why I have not posted..been soooooo busy with all this stoopid holiday related shit and I don’t even celebrate it!  I don’t like that either, but that’s what happens when you’re in the video game business…lots of people buy video games for x-mess, our next busiest time is summer…parents buying kids games to keep them busy and outta their hair while on summer vacation.
  • Been talking with Nathan and looking online a bit at other properties near our area, we have more of an idea now of where we might want to settle permanently …it’s about 45 minutes from where we currently live, deeper into the woods and further from the interstate.  I’m pretty happy with where we are right now so, it will have to be PERFECT if I ever move again.  I’m talking 4 bedrooms, huge barn, fenced in pasture, a creek/spring/well…the works!  otherwise it just ain’t worth it…
  • Also been focusing more on health and weight-loss for the past week.  Nathan got this new nutritional “tangerine” flavored supplement powder stuff (Tangy Tangerine ala Alex Jones) and I’ve been taking it for the past week.  I make a shake in the morning, with 1 1/2 cups raw goat’s milk, 2 raw eggs from our hens, a tbsp. of stevia in the raw, a dash of vanilla and a dash of salt and 2 scoops of the tangy tangerine stuff and I whirl it all up in the blender and suck on it through a straw as I go about my business during the morning (it tastes just like an orange creamscicle) …and I must say!  It really does work!  I’ve been able to cut out my second cup of coffee that I have most mornings, I have so much energy that I don’t even want it…and I can’t sit still!  I go and go and go on nothing but the shake alone till about 4pm…I didn’t even get on the internet yesterday, I did not want to sit still!  There’s so much to do and so little time…so little time…

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