About The Stray Chicken


About a month ago, give or take a week, I went outside one morning to feed the chickens the scraps leftover from dinner the night before, when I saw, lurking at the outer edges of the flock, a very young rooster.  He was quite small, and black and white in color, and dodged skittishly in and out of the flock, stealing scraps here and there, trying to avoid the angry and protective pecks of Roostaur, the flock leader.

Being accustomed to strays, and he, seeing that I was the giver of food, followed me over to the shed where I gave him a small scoop of feed by himself, out of the sight of the rest of the flock, who would not hestitate to rob him blind of his meal. I could tell that he must have had an owner at some point because he did not flinch from me when I moved close to him, but would always stay just enough out of reach that he could easily dodge my hand when I reached out to pet him, which is not unusual behavior for a chicken, especially a rooster.

I knew that our second closest neighbor, who lives about a 1/2 mile down the street, had a flock of chickens. Our roosters would often communicate back and forth, crowing to each other, especially in the evening as the sun was setting, much like how dogs “talk” back and forth to each other in a suburban neighborhood.

So, I assumed that the rooster most likely belonged to that flock and, since he was so young, was more than likely run off by an older stronger rooster and so headed in our direction to search out the closest flock.  And so he hung out, and travelled with the flock, always on the outskirts but near enough to make it obvious to the others that he wished to join.  And after awhile Roostaur didn’t seem to mind, for the most part, so as long as he kept his slimy talons off the hens and so peace ensued for a little while.  Until about a week ago.

At about the same time the stray rooster came onto the scene, I began to recognize that I needed to get up earlier in the morning to work on my blog which, as you well know, has being lame and suffering for quite some time due to just a plain ol’ lack of time to devote to it.  I was not taking it seriously nor giving it the proper attention that it deserved, but having deleted so many blogs in the past for just the same reason, I was determined that I would not do the same this time around.  And so it has sat.

So reason dictated the obvious, that I must needs get up earlier in order that I be able to accomplish all that I wished to do.

0206031526Now here is where I start with the excuses lol…I work hard, all day long, cooking 3 meals a day for a family of seven, cleaning up after them all and caring for 5 children (including 2 toddlers, one of which I am still breastfeeding 3-4 times a day) and I homeschool plus I have animals, including 3 goats that I milk twice a day which totals to about 70 minutes a day just devoted to milking and animal care.  And this is just Winter, during the growing season there is also the daily tending of the garden and the preserving of the harvest, but there is also less schoolwork to be done, so it all balances out in the end.

Most days I don’t make it to bed till around midnight and then I usually get up around 7:00 – 8:00 am and 7 hours is just enough sleep for me, especially after having had two babies in two years and all the extra work and sleep deprivation that goes along with that, I felt like I was perfectly justified in taking full adavantage of all the sleep that I could get!  But apparently not, because, as time went on, it was becoming painfully obvious that there just was not enough hours in the day, that something had to give and, as usual, it was going to have to be me *sigh* 🙄

And I have known this, for like a month now… I have been fully aware of the fact that I must needs arise earlier in the day, but for many factors, my own laziness and stubborn procrastination being the most obvious, I have not been getting up earlier, indeed I have, out of sheer rebelliousness been arising even later and later, even as late as 9:00 am one day about a week ago (it was also 2 degrees Fahrenheit outside btw, I just don’t do cold well at all).

So, the next morning, after arising at 9:00 am the morning before, I was sound asleep and I hear this sudden noise in my sleep and it awakens me. I shot straight up in bed, sitting there in my half asleep state listening, I thought it was a child screaming, but then I didn’t hear anything. So I laid down and cuddled back under my covers, and in less than 10 seconds it happened again…a very familiar sound, the crowing of a rooster…a rooster standing on my front porch! My window being right next to the front porch, so it was as if he was crowing right at my window!

I looked at the clock, it was 4:30 am, “He won’t crow for long” I thought to myself while smashing the pillow into my head to block the noise. And he crowed again and again, 12 times before he finally shut up, and I went back to sleep.

The next morning, same thing. And the morning after that, and after that, and after that…the same damn thing every morning for a whole week!! 😡

Now, Roostaur, our flock leader, does not do that. He is a perfect gentleman who does his early morning crowing at the coop where they sleep, which is situated far enough away from the house that you can only very faintly hear his crowing. But apparently this stray rooster has a mind and agenda of his own.

My first thought was this: That chicken is going to DIE! 😈

But then, I usually have a policy against harming strays. Two of our most favorite cats are strays, as was our dog Jack who died last March, one of the best dogs I have ever owned. Call it sentimentality I guess, but I figure God brought the animal into my life, wanted me to have it, for a reason, and so I have always refrained from harming or getting rid of strays, but instead have always gone out of my way to protect and provide for them.

But laying in bed, listening to him crow over and over and over and over and over and over and over again every day for a week….I really wanted to kill that chicken!!

I would lay in bed and fantasize about storming out the door and onto the porch and snapping his skinny little neck with my bare hands and then, as he was quite a young and therefore would be tender chicken, roasting him in the oven with some poatoes and carrots and enjoying him for dinner with a glass of chardonnay…mmmmmmmmm 😎

And then yesterday morning was the worst ever.  He started crowing around 4:30 am again and did not stop until a few minutes after 5:00 am! Usually he would only crow 12-15 times (about 10 minutes total) and then leave and I would go back to sleep, but a whole 1/2 hour of crowing was more than I could take…

“Okay God!” I said, as I sat up and flung my legs over the side of the bed, searching for my house slippers with my feet, being careful not to awaken little Samuel who was beside me 0206031523sleeping peacefully through it all…

“I’m UP! I’m UP! What do you want?? Why do you keep doing this to me when you know that I just want to sleep??” I whisper-yelled this aloud as I put on my sweater robe and headed into the kitchen to make coffee and start up the heater.

And so, now that He has sent me a frickin’ “alarm-chicken”, I have complied.  When the stray rooster starts crowing I will get up and make a cup of coffee and work on this blog…it seems He has left me little choice otherwise LOL 😆

Now to think of a name. Any Suggestions??

9 thoughts on “About The Stray Chicken

  1. I am so glad that I am not the only one this happens to. For the last two weeks something has woken me up nearly every single night from around 1 to 3. I just get up and pray. I notice I am praying for the same people over and over. They must need it. I have decided, after many years of attitude adjustment (ahem, in other words, it has finally worked as of today) to just do it without whisper yelling “Why are you doing this to me I am EXHAUSTED!” Hehe.

    And, I am glad you are back to blogging, been reading you for years in all your various incarnations. Love your stuff. Let that Rooster crow baby!

    Oh, last thing, we have the same outlook on strays. I always assume they were sent for a reason and I had darn well better simply provide for them the best I can and pray for what I need to do with them. My parents were of the opinion that that particular animal was special to God if He took the time and trouble to get it to someone who was soft enough to care for them (I cannot even begin to list the amount of cats, dogs and wild animals they rescued and either set free or adopted out).
    his applies to people as much as possible, as long as they behave. If nothing else, I add them to my prayer list.

    I just never like someone who runs off a sick, injured or very young stray.

  2. Glad to hear I am not the only one! 🙂 Our two cats that were strays, one is the mother and the other the grandmother of our most favorite cat in the world “Kitty Exceptional”…I was thinking of doing a blog post on that, the story runs almost like a kitty soap opera lol..

  3. Wow. I did NOT expect that turn-around. Great story, well told, and as one sleep-deprived lady, say, more power to you!

  4. Speaking of roasting, I wonder if you’ve heard about cooling meat before cooking. In the Complete Book of Outdoor Lore I read “Any game, large or small, should be cooled thoroughly before cooking. Body heat gives a nauseating flavor to meat, which, if eaten, induces diarrhea. Grouse may be eaten the same day, once they are thoroughly cooled. Rabbits and squirrels should be hung for one to four days before cooking.” I may have read similar in another old book, but have not heard any such thing besides.

  5. No smalls, I’ve never heard about cooling the meat first but we do hang up and age our meat…that book sounds like one that would interest me for sure! 😀 Usually, I let the meat age for anywhere from 2-7 days (2 days for smaller animals and up to 7 for larger ones like deer). The temperature has to be between 40 and 50 to age meat properly, if it’s cold enough outside then I’ll just wrap the body in a plastic bag and hang it up in the shade…otherwise it goes into the fridge which I never let sink below 42. I’ve had fresh chicken, just hours old and the meat most likely wasn’t cooled when I started cooking it and I’ve had aged chicken and I can say that I definitely prefer the aged chicken, it just has more flavor and is more tender overall.

  6. Thanks. More tender meat was one of the reasons given in that book, and I assume the author meant hanging it up only when cold enough outside.

  7. Quoting,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”dodged skittishly in and out of the flock”,,,,,,,,,always stay just enough out of reach that he could easily dodge my hand “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”That chicken is going to DIE! ” He dodged the flock, dodged your hand, and dodged getting killed! LOL How about Dodger? Just a thought.

    • Dodger! Very good, I like that Libby, and I think that will be his name from now on since you are the only one who bothered to suggest something 😀

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