The Nitty Gritty

bleakI knew, a couple of months ago, when our cellular internet company upgraded our internet service area to 4G speed that there was going to be trouble.  Almost right away, that young fast internet began having issues with my old codger of a computer, always kicking him off within the first 5 minutes of him signing onto the internet.  This continued until February 20th, when the two of them just up and decided that they weren’t going to talk anymore.  After about 9 days of silence from internet, I began negotiations between the two of them that lasted 3 HOURS, but finally brought forth a truce and peace reigns for now between them, although I can’t guarantee that it will continue for long however.

I’m always hesitant to invest much time into my computer, my desire to utilize the internet must outweigh the sacrifice of time involved in getting it to cooperate again.  I can easily, just off the top of my head, think of 10 different things that would be a far better use of 3 HOURS and if given the time could probably come up with 100 different things that would be a far better use of my time than futzing with the computer.

Nathan and I share an internet connection, he usually begins his E-Bay work between 10:00 am and 10:30 am, and up until that point I can use the internet.  But when he has to begin work I can no longer use it as it can only be used by one computer at a time.  And when late afternoon comes around, when he is usually finished his work, I could connect, but usually have no desire to, although occasionally I will do so.  No, instead, after the work and the homeschool is done for the day, we all get to hang out and play together.  Normally this would involve being outside, but since it’s still pretty cold, we’ve been having a lot of fun playing video games together, especially Nathan and me and our two oldest sons, Elijah and Solomon.  Lately, we’ve been taking turns finally getting around to beating the main storyline in Skyrim (I LOVE that game!).  So, truth be told, internet access is not extremely high on my priority list, the main reason I finally fixed it was because I needed it for homeschool stuff and I had a blog post or two in mind, plus I missed being able to look up recipes!

In other news, I have lost a total of 3 pounds since February 8th when I began cutting calories.  For the most part I am still consuming mostly what we produce ourselves, 2/3 of my daily food intake comes from homegrown food and the other 1/3 (mostly at the evening meal) is from other food.  I’m very pleased with the results because I have done it through quite a natural process, quite painless and simple, not once feeling deprived or defeated, as if losing this weight is an impossible task.

Recently, while looking around the homestead for homegrown or foragable goodies, I remembered the Virginia Gold Tobacco that we grew last year and the appetite suppressing effects that tobacco has and so, since we still have a fairly large amount left fermenting and aging on the side porch, I began smoking our good ol’ organic homegrown Virginia Gold Tobacco again.

Upon awaking, I make a cup of coffee and take my pipe full of tobacco and my coffee in a travel mug  into the woods for an enjoyable little hike…even in the cold and the recent bit of snow we just got, it has been quite magical!  I very much have been enjoying my early morning walks, I see deer all of the time and the other day I even saw a chipmunk and a mink, more indications that the arrival of Spring is well underway as the creatures begin to come out of hibernation and search for food.

After my little hike, I then milk the goats and feed them hay and give them water, and come back inside and use the internet while in the process of also getting breakfast going.  When I feel hungry, which usually isn’t until well after 10:00 am and sometimes as late as NOON, I eat an egg.  1 hardboiled egg, (from our hens of course) cut in half with about 1/2 tsp. of homemade mayo dolloped on each half and a dab of relish and a dash of homegrown homemade dried paprika powder, I call it “Angel Eggs” as it tastes just like “Deviled Eggs” but without all the extra work involved.  I have a glass of ice water with lemon and continue on with the day’s activities.

Next time I feel hungry, usually within 2 hours, I’ll have “Angel Eggs” again but recently I got a whole sirloin roast on sale for $2.88/pound and so I cut it in half and roasted it in the oven till medium rare, I then thinly sliced it and stored it in the fridge and I munch on 2-3 slices of roast beef when I feel the urge, I like to smear it with homegrown grated horseradish that we have preserved in vinegar and salt.  I also like having a good bit of homemade goat cheese on a very thin slice of homemade french bread, thin enough to be nothing more than the vehicle by which the goat cheese enters my mouth 😀

Around 4:00 pm is break time!  I make another cup of coffee and have it with a pipe full of good homegrown tobacco and that sets my appetite until around 6:00 pm.  Lately, since avocados have been in season and on sale, Nathan and I have been snacking on homemade guacamole with organic tortilla chips.  I’ve also made creamed spinach omlettes a couple of times, using spinach from the garden and eggs and milk from our chickens and goats.  I also like to have a couple of beers in the evening with dinner, recently we tried a new IPA called “Ruthless Rye”  it was quite tasty and I really love the artwork on the bottle and the box!


Today I will be starting my new tobacco seeds indoors.  I recently acquired seeds for “Hungarian Szamosi Dark Tobacco” which grows leaves suitable for both pipes and cigar-making, with plans to learn how to make my own cigars, so long as I am able to successfully grow it!  I love learning new skills 😀 

And this morning I just learned of a HUGE ASS SNOWSTORM headed our way with predictions of up to 40 INCHES of snow to fall starting Tuesday!  Reminds me of winter 09’/10′ when we got 3-4 FEET of snow…so I will leave you with this lovely picture, the view from my front door during that winter, as I’m sure you’ll get to hear me bitching about snow in the days to come 🙄


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