I have to make a trip to da big city today which makes me short on time and unable to type a proper blog post, so I’ll share some interesting things with you instead 😀

OBEY By Realityintruth <—Click to play song (for whatever reason WordPress does not like Soundclick’s little widget players, I can’t get them to show up in the blog post…)

I had meant to share this before I lost internet for 9 days, a stand alone release of one of Nathan’s songs. This is the only song of his that has been released separate from his videos on YouTube, all of which contain his music. This song is called “Obey” and it’s the theme song to his first documentary “Truth in Reality”.

The lyrics are as follows:

Hey! When will you figure this out?
That your fairy tale “American Dream”
Only exists on a TV screen

You say if I don’t buy your
Product then I’m not a good parent
But you’re the bastard father of
The Chinese slaves

You say, “This is what everyone’s saying”
But what you means is,
“This is what we want you to say”

Yes you do

You tell us, “Every vote counts”
But you run both parties

You say, “God wants me to live the good life”
But you’ve already sold your soul

Produce Consume Play
Listen Conform OBEY

If that song has piqued your interest, here is “Truth in Reality” in it’s Full Form for your viewing pleasure 😀

Another video that I had wanted to share with you, before my internet quite working, was a documentary on Christian Anarchist Jacques Ellul. I have read 3 of his books and a lot of his philosophy has rubbed off on me and influenced me and expanded the way in which I think of the world. Of his books, I have read “The Technological Society” “Propaganda: The Formation Of Men’s Attitudes” and “The Subversion Of Christianity”…if you ever decide to read any of his books I would most recommend, “Propaganda: The Formation Of Men’s Attitudes” for a complete and total mind altering experience, it really is one of those books that, after you read it, you can never view the world in quite the same way again! Since Ellul was French, the video is in French, but it has subtitles…besides, it’s fun to hear people speak in French 🙂

And here is an online copy of “Propaganda: The Formation Of Men’s Attitudes” for your reading pleasure!

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