I Resent This

The green states are the happiest and the red states the most unhappy

The green states are the happiest and the red states the most unhappy

West Virginia is the #1 most unhappy state in the union according to some company that gives surveys and keeps track of the nation’s “happiness index”.

But, you know what? They’re wrong! πŸ˜€

It’s not that West Virginia is the most unhappy, it’s just that we’re the most HONEST…seriously.
I grew up on the east coast, in central Maryland, and the biggest culture shock for me when we first moved to West Virginia in The Fall of 2005 was the blunt honesty of the people..

(and the friendliness, everybody waves when you pass them in the car and everybody just loves babies. Β If I take a baby to the grocery store my trip will take twice as long because every other person I come across will want to talk to the baby and play with the baby and make the baby smile..)

In West Virginia, if you ask “how are you?” they don’t give the official “fine” or “good” NO! …you better be prepared to stand there and have a conversation ’cause they will tell you!Β and not spare even one gory detail lol πŸ˜‰

In my opinion, the “happiest states of the union” are not truly happy, they’re just better liars πŸ˜†

7 thoughts on “I Resent This

  1. Aint that the truth! I couldnt imagine having to grow up anywhere other than wv. Glad you were able to move down here and enjoy this awesome state!

  2. πŸ™‚ My mom’s family is from WV and when we visit, it’s like a culture shock- everything you said. I’d rather be around people who are honest and welcoming, but I’m WAY too afraid of snakes to live there.

    • hahaha, yeah we do have A LOT of snakes, but most of them are harmless..to humans anyways, but they are great at helping keep the rodent populations under control! I’ve heard that we have copperheads and some people have even said that there are rattlesnakes, but I have yet to personally see one πŸ™‚

  3. Grandma’s family was from Shock. The cemetery is up on a hill and once when they mowed last year, the remains of the rattler that got run over was 6 foot 2 and big around as a cat! I also remember copperheads in the road when we would got fishing, and a few cottonmouths in the water when we got there. It was way back in the holler, though, and really undeveloped. There were lots of bears but I never got to see one.

    • Well…based upon your comment, you missed the point of the whole post. The findings of the study are based upon surveys, and the accuracy of a survey depends upon the honesty of the people who take it (most of the “unhappy states” are in The Bible Belt, good midwestern people who, in my personal interactions with them, have always been honest and forthcoming, almost to a fault). I postulate that pretty much everyone in this country is unhappy, but because some are willing to delude themselves and lie to cover up their unhappiness the “results” get skewed and I resent the fact that liars are labelled as “happy people” πŸ™‚

  4. There are definently copper heads and rattle snakes! I see them every year 😦 especially the copper heads, my husband was bit by one when he was younger. You’re blessed not to have had to deal with them. But a good thing to know, copperheads smell like cucumbers!

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