The Weightloss Update

It’s been a busy busy week!  Two birthdays (Elijah’s 10th birthday on April 20th and Solomon’s 8th birthday on April 22nd) and an unplanned and annoying trip that I had to make into “da big city” on Tuesday when I would have much rather stayed at home!

Not much to report in loss of inches, just 1/4 inch lost in my bust (oh goody) but I mostly chalk that up to the fact that 21 month old Samuel officially fully weaned a couple of weeks ago and it seems that my body has just now got the message and stopped producing milk (I have been producing milk for 3 years now!)  hence the slight decrease in bust size.

Elijah wanted a yellow butter cake with glossy chocolate frosting for his birthday and Solomon wanted a lemon meringue pie..I made both and had a small slice of each ’cause, after all, the cook must sample her own work! 😉 lol

But, truth be told though, I didn’t like it.  I could literally feel the sugar seeping into my veins and spreading into my brain, it made me feel anxious and unsure and fearful.  A brain under the influence of copious amounts of sugar is irrational and flighty and, after having been eating only 50-75 carbs a day for over a week, I could really feel it, it was amazing and weird 😕 …and a lesson learned in how diet effects thinking and creates unnatural personalities, basically like being under the influence of a drug…a really stupid drug…

I much more prefer burning FAT for energy, thankyouverymuch 😀

I know when my body is burning fat for energy use, it just feels GOOD.  My energy is strong and stable, I can go 6+ hours without eating or even thinking of food, and my mind functions beautifully when it is being fueled by fat, my thinking is clear and concise and my memory recall is implacable…sugar, on the other hand, makes me feel like an old lady…I wind up feeling weak and foggy headed and nervous and just BAD all over..

..and when I think about the fact that the average american is said to consume 400+ carbs a day (mostly in the form of high fructose corn syrup) it’s no wonder that most people profess to being depressed and anxious and having no energy to do anything and no ability to think about anything in a factual and concise way, further exacerbated by the watching of the TV programming created to further instill doubts and fear into you (just look at the news!) and further disrupt your ability to think properly by putting your brain waves into a hypnotic just boggles my mind, just WOW…

And one simple solution, one straight path OUT of that state of being is just to replace the majority of the sugar/carbs that you eat with FAT.

Instead of a bowl of cereal with skim milk and a glass of orange juice have 2 eggs and 3 slices of bacon with a glass of full fat milk (preferably RAW milk)…that kind of a meal will keep me going for 6 hours without having to eat.

Instead of a white bread sandwich with fruit and cookies or rice krispy treat have slices of cheese and meat with a few whole grain crackers and a cup of whole milk yogurt with a bit of stevia and vanilla extract added to make “vanilla yogurt”

Instead of pasta with bread and butter and a small salad with fat free low cal dressing have a fatty cut of chuck blade STEAK with a baked potato swimming in butter and a salad with ranch dressing or a simple oil and vinegar dressing (oh my oh my!)

…this may seem extreme at first, and, just like coming off of any addictive drug that your body has come to unnaturally rely upon, your body will have withdrawal symptoms at first so go gradually.  Maybe first get used to eating eggs more frequently, for breakfast or hardboiled eggs as a snack instead of something sweet and carb-rich.  Or try full fat whole milk yogurt instead, once you start replacing your carb/sugar rich stuff with fattier things you will notice a difference in your thinking and energy levels which will make you want to progress further along.  This is how I initially weaned my own self off of carb/sugar-rich food and I am too the point now where I can’t even tolerate it, not even one small slice, seriously it made me feel ill..ick…ack ..blah..

It may seem like a long and “unhappy” journey (at first) but the long term benefits are well worth it! 😀

4 thoughts on “The Weightloss Update

  1. been at this for a few months and have had great results… something I used to like and I hope to have again is scalloped potatoes but substituting cauliflower instead of high carb potatoes
    … that was awesome!..

    • I love scalloped potatoes too!! I recently found a type of potato, that I plan to grow this year, called “Mountain Rose”, it’s supposed to have a lower glycemic index rating than the average potato…along with fingerling potatoes, both are waxy potato types with less starchy sugars than the average “Russet Potato” that you tend to find at the store 🙂

  2. the only really healthy way to lose weight and make a lifestyle change is to eat a whole foods- plant based diet. Animal products (dairy, meat) are known and have been proven over and over to cause disease and should be used as condiments in diet (if not eliminated entirely) rather than main staples. Everything your body needs to thrive and as a result will naturally shed unwanted weight can be found by consuming a plant based diet chalk full of leafy greens (cruciferous veg). Carbs can and will cause weight gain and more so for some than others due to a variance in sensitivity.

    • I’m a gardener, believe you me I eat LOTS of vegetables, 75% of which is 100% homegrown and organic… I eat homegrown eggs, which is the most perfect and complete protein, and homegrown RAW goat’s milk and RAW goat cheese made from that milk…these things tend to make up about 50% of my diet. I eat a salad everyday using homegrown greens, hardboiled homegrown eggs and homemade RAW goat cheese made from our homegrown goat’s milk and it is DELICIOUS! 😀
      Pasteurized homogenized dairy products from a conventional commercial dairy where the cows are fed the wrong diet and, because of that, suffer disease and are given copious amounts of antibiotics to treat that disease, which then leeches into the milk (along with the pus from the infection…ewwwwwwwww) is NOT a healthy thing, I can agree with you there!
      But RAW dairy products from healthy animals are a lifegiving food!
      Same goes for meat, it’s all about how the animal was raised… but even so, the meat and milk products that are raised up on the wrong kind of diet are still FAR healthier than soy, especially since most soy is GMO raised up on nutritionally depleted soils using chemical based pesticides and fertilizers, same goes for corn …and these two things are found in just about EVERY prepackaged food in one form or another …NO THANK YOU!
      So, I agree, DO eat your veggies, and I imagine I get plenty more veggies in my diet than the average american…except for maybe vegans 😉

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