Midsummer Routine


We’ve settled into quite the relaxed pace now….to awakeness, usually late in the morning (because I can) drink some coffee while milking goats and listening to the radio, feeding of everyone (human and animal) the first meal of the day, usually eggs from our hens is included somehow and recently there have been wild blackberries…


..then a short clean-up of the house and a smooth transition into simple learning activities during the heat of the day, reading and short fun worksheets and puzzle games for older boys…play learning for the younguns, simple blocks, colors, alphabet games and then restlessness and the urge to move and into the woods they go!  or, into the creek most recently, the “lagoon” as we call it or playing in sand on “the beach”.DSCN0636

Whilst toddlers play with sidewalk chalk, drawing on the cat, husband and I enter our respective  gardens…he is on a mission of “death to all weeds!” while I am after one thing only.  Harvestings.  Recently it’s been blue potatoes and garlic and onions, but the majority of that as been removed into the security of the house….scalloped potatoes, potato salad, and blue mashed potatoes…but now, with empty bare earth staring up at me in all the perfect loveliness of limitless possibilities I am drawn to planting again.

The peas, and the beets, and the carrots and the kales and spinach and fava beans …those sturdy, stalwart, strong old friends who being too “well armored” and over dressed for the short bit of summer heat arrive again in all their majesty to store the waning sunshine (the days dwindling already now…) in the deep roots and long leathery leaves in reserve for the silent grayness of frigid slumber that is winter.  It is bittersweet, their planting is a the signal of the beginning of the end of summer…

DSCN0641And then a re-entering, toddlers in tow, harvestings on counter…a few tomatoes, a good bunch of snap beans, lots of jalapenos and sweet hungarian frying peppers, and about 15 tobacco leaves which I hang to dry, along with the lemon balm and catnip, from the low hanging ceiling beam in the kitchen. DSCN0628

Hungry from the day’s plantings, mouth in salivation contemplating tomato sandwiches, stir-fry peppers and onions, potatoes and greens beans. “should pair up well with that nice sirloin roast that I got on sale last week.”  The children come running in for cold drinks and small snacks, I set out homemade goat cheese and crackers and they hungrily munch away as the toddlers dash back and forth playing “tag” across the kitchen threshold..

Happy tummies with their dinner fill, everybody goes their separate ways, time for more play.  ..but first, toddlers to bed with fresh milk from the evening milking…and older children whip out the video games whilst I and my husband sneak out the door and sit on the front porch enjoying the cool evening air as the last vestiges of light give way to darkness, listening to talk radio over his smartphone and discussing the day’s events, both domestic and worldwide.


Almost 11 pm, sleepy children laying on couches, almost begging for bed but not quite yet…time for the evening fireworks show, fountains really, fireworks from the 4th of july set off to celebrate life …no reason to need a reason really and no one who lives nearby enough to notice or complain or care, exactly how we like it.   Followed by brushings of teeth and washings of hands and face, discarding or addition of clothing and then to bed, sweet slumber and peaceful rest as images of midsummer adventures replay in their little minds, memories that can never be taken from them, the happy carefree unburdened living of summertime for all time.  There is no need to rush these things 🙂

2 thoughts on “Midsummer Routine

  1. I believe that my son would still be alive if we (our family) had been able to adopt the lifestyle that you have chosen. My son passed away January 2, 2013 at the age of 35. I miss him every moment of everyday. He was my youngest child and my only son. I honestly believe that you have the right idea about how to live your life and protect your children. I wish you all the best.

  2. Stephanie, we live on a beautiful 15 acre farm. We have about 22 horses, 12 meat birds, & 12 egg birds. We are living our dream for sure! We want to add some cows, pigs, a goat in the near future. Love your blog. Such inspiration! God Bless.

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