Monday Morning Musings: I’ve Got My Ass-Kicking Boots On!


I’m not usually the kind of girly that gushes over shoes but I just ordered these boots on Friday through Amazon Prime and got them in the mail this morning and I am so in love that I must talk about them! 😆  I got them as a replacement for my muck boots, the rubberized run of the mill basic farm type boots (‘cept mine were blue and had butterflies on them) …they were Kamik Brand and after 3 years they were finally worn past the point of wearability having cracked and split in three different places, patched them with some duct tape for a little bit but that could only go on for so long before I would have to purchase another pair.

I did HOURS of research, I knew without a doubt that I wanted knee high boots and I wanted them to be dark brown and 100% leather with minimal styling/decoration.  Basically, I wanted something made to last forever, and I think these will!  They are extremely well-made, you can just feel the quality ooze from their every pore, and they are waterproof with some type of special anti-microbial lining that is supposed to keep ’em from getting stinky.  I’ve been wearing them around the house since I opened the box, have them on right now as I type this even, they are super comfy and very warm….haven’t worn them outside for chores yet, the tread is not suited for hiking but definitely good enough for milking and all the basic “in and out” chores that I do, like getting wood for example.  Plus they are stylish enough to wear when I have to go into town (which is only 1-2 times a month, but still, a girl wants a shoe she can wear with confidence! 😉 ).  I highly highly recommend these boots 😀  If you’re interested, you can find them on Amazon Prime at this link.

That being said now, I’m feeling sprightly and have been thinking a lot about this blog and what I want to do here, where I want to take it.  There’s been a couple things that keep being pushed to the forefront of my mind that I should talk about in upcoming posts.  Number one has to do with prophecy and end times and churchianity end times propaganda.  I’m sure most of you have seen my post where I de-bunk the pre-trib. rapture and I have more to discuss along those lines, primarily having to do with the first seal and the rider on the white horse (who is NOT the anti-christ btw) and my view of Revelation in general which, having been out of churchianity and, except for 2 small occasions where I was personally invited, have not stepped foot inside a church for over 10 years is uh…different, to put it mildly 😆

Needless to say, I really have no respect AT ALL for the prophetic insights of mainstream christianity and in actuality fully believe that the church’s “prophetic view” is deeply rooted in Satan and NOT in The Holy Spirit.  I could write many many blog posts on this topic alone, but have not because I don’t want to be lumped in with “them”.  You know, the people always talking about “the end of the world!” and it’s all gonna burn etc. etc. frankly it makes me ill because true prophecy has NO ROOT there.

Unlike the majority of churchianity, I don’t want my Lord to swoop down and rescue me “superhero style” and then burn up the world in a fiery blaze while I’m safe in his arms watching from a distance…I, actually, rather like earth and I like people, mostly.  There are some truly evil bad guys out there working the dark magic shit but for the most part humans and humanity is lovely …from a distance 😉 … But, in all seriousness, there is still A LOT of goodness on this planet and I don’t think God is gonna be bringing the big “Smackdown” anytime soon.  I could be wrong on that, but I still see much here worth saving and redeeming and restoring…there is no reason to burn it all to the ground just yet.

The other thing that I really feel must be shared is more about gardening and homesteading and the lifestyle that I lead.  Especially things having to do with self-sufficiency and maximizing your time and potential as a stay at home wife/mother.  I know that most of the people reading here are probably stay at home moms, mostly homeschooling, mostly homesteading OR at least interested in the lifestyle to a certain extent.  First of all, I HATE how people are “sold” lifestyles and how they so easily buy into them.  Oftentimes people will just naturally assume certain things about me just because I am homsteader and I live in the mountains of West Virginia.  Yes, I do have all my teeth…Country Music is alright but it’s not my fav (I much more prefer heavy metal..) ..No, I don’t make moonshine 😉  …I don’t own a truck or a 4 wheeler, never been “muddin” and I never plan too…I’m no fan of NASCAR, as a matter of fact I greatly dislike ALL automobiles and believe we’d all be better off going back to riding horses for transportation (but I DO like beer, wrestling, football and shootin’ guns! LOL..)…these are just examples, but I just want to show that you don’t have to be a “redneck” to be a homesteader and live off the land.  So, stay tuned for more on these topics! 😀

One thought on “Monday Morning Musings: I’ve Got My Ass-Kicking Boots On!

  1. Well, you know that we agree on the former (about churchianity), but that I differ on the latter (where we are in the end times)… but I do look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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