Earth Vampires

When reading the book of Genesis, seeing how the whole drama plays out there in The Garden Of Eden, as a little girl learning about this in Sunday School…while everyone was always so focused on The Serpent and Adam and Eve and The First Sin, I was sitting there imagining what it would be like to live in a garden planted by God.  And I would think to myself “That would have to be the best garden ever.” 🙂

When God created Adam and Eve, he created a garden for them to live in and he put them in the garden it says in Genesis 2:15 “to dress it and to keep it.”  The hebrew word here translated as dress is “abad” which means to work but not just work as in physical labor but a work that serves, to work in service of as a husbandman or shepherd…the word ear is also apart of the translation which goes back to service, listening to the land to learn of it’s needs in order to meet those needs. The hebrew word translated as keep is a militant term, as in a the keep of a castle or fortress….it is the word “shamar” and it means to guard, protect, attend to, observe, preserve, reserve, save, wait and watch.  In STRONG’S Concordance it also says of the word “abad“, worship or worshipper, as in a work to be wrought by the worshipper in service to God.

From these words listed here I believe we can safely say that care of the land and the animals living in and on the land is a sacred act according to God.  Made in the image of God, it is mankind’s duty to care for the land in a sacred and respectful way that honors The Creator who made it.  And through this service to the land, which is our act of worship of God, God quite literally provides for us and through this relationship we learn more of God and His Ways upon this earth.  This is how it is supposed to be and how it has been for many thousands of years.

Most people falsely assume that just because they do not have to toil in the fields or kill an animal directly in order to provide themselves with food that somehow they are better off.  I object to that and argue that in reality, living such a life away from the land makes us less than human.  We are made of the dust of the ground and to dust we shall return, like it or not, we ARE the earth.  What is good for the earth is good for us, what is bad for the earth is bad for us and how we treat the earth is our primary act of worship to the God who made it FOR US.

The ancients understood this concept quite well, but in the name of greed and power this knowledge has been lost and even disdained in our modern “brainwashed age” of blinking screens and buzzing phones that hypnotize and mesmerize the masses into a dreamlike state.  Thinking only of their next Wal-Mart shopping trip or eating a Big Mac or other food grown on oil based fertilizers and sprayed with chemicals with genes modified to create “frankenfoods” that can withstand such a poisonous environment.  Thinking only of being home in time to watch that next episode of “American Idol” or “The Biggest Loser” or going even further in debt to buy yet another car or buying more cheap plastic trinkets with plastic.  The selfish, self-centered, wasteful, irresponsible, classic American lifestyle.  And we’ve all participated in it to a certain degree, as much as I abhor it, I admit that I played my part in it as well.  But what if it’s far worse than anyone realizes?

Let’s talk about oil.  The comfort, riches and ease of living that we have here in America is due, for the most part, to oil and our utilization there of.  To give us electricity, to power our tools, our cars, to synthesize fabrics and plastics and fertilizers and pesticides and whatever it is that you might want to dream up…you can take oil into some lab somewheres and synthesize some kind of widgety-thing from it.  Our whole civilization is built upon blood, and I’m not just talking about the human blood-shed to obtain the oil but the oil itself as the “blood” of our planet.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking of the planet as actually being alive or conscious as if it were an actual being itself, I know that some people do believe this…I don’t.

BUT, what if oil isn’t just the breakdown and decomposition of dead things over millions of years, like they taught us in public school??  What if it’s something produced by the earth that is necessary to it’s rightful and healthy function?

In some respects, crude really does resemble blood. It scabs on exposure to air. It is organic and viscous. Some companies warm oil to about 90 degrees to make it slip more easily, with less friction, through pipelines. This temperature approximates that of the human body. Cold oil will coagulate. It coats the inner surfaces of the pipes with waxy buildups, much like arterial plaque. Pipelines must be cleaned regularly with the industrial equivalent of a cardiac balloon: a plastic plug that oil workers call a “pig.” 

Oil is not sterile. It supports bacteria and fungi. Terminal managers tell of draining old storage tanks and finding “vines” of oil-eating algae growing inside–some of them many feet long….

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about oil is this: After 150 years of unleashing its explosive power to shrink the world and expand our dominion of nature, and after reshaping it into innumerable useful byproducts–from plastic cradles to vinyl body bags–we still do not understand fully where oil comes from or how it was made. 

The notion that it is the cooked and condensed remains of dinosaurs is at best marginally correct. Most geologists agree that terrestrial life never existed in sufficient abundance to explain the vast amount of crude now lurking in the ground. Instead, many scientists believe petroleum was born in water–as algae and minute life forms called plankton that once drifted in ancient seas. Fed by ancient sunbeams, the plants bloomed in oceanic quantities, died and were buried in sea-bottom silts. 

Because of this, some experts call the energy locked inside oil “fossilized sunlight.” But this remains a theory. No one has yet synthesized crude from dead plant matter. (From the article “A tank of gas, a world of trouble” By Paul Salopek of The Chicago Tribune, July 30, 2006 )

So oil is ALIVE and it supports LIFE.  And no one has yet fully figured out where it comes from or how it is made, all their speculations are just theories…guesses…nothing more.  And so here I will speculate 🙂

I think oil is the “blood” of the planet and that it’s main function is to lubricate the planet allowing for the fluid movement of the tectonic plates along the surface of the earth.  The more we suck oil out of the planet the more “unstable” it will become, I don’t know how much oil would have to be removed before it moves beyond “the point of no return” when there are earthquakes out of control and life on the planet is irrevocably changed.

The book of Revelations speaks of earthquakes and “earth changes” (death of sea critters, scorching of the ground and vegetation, floods, etc.) during the time of the end, I have always personally thought that these would be caused by our own careless treatment of the planet, the natural consequence of our own selfishness, stupidity and overall lack of respect for Our Creator and the planet that he gave us and told us to “dress and keep”.

I believe this to be true because it is perfect poetic justice.  God created a planet for us, he told us to take care of it, so as humans we do what comes naturally… rebel!  We take this planet and we trash it and kill each other.  We live luxurious lives of ease and comfort and all of it based upon sucking the very life, BLOOD, out of our own planet…it makes perfect sense when you really think about it.  Everything in our daily lives is based upon oil, made from oil…we are surrounded and bombarded on all sides with a “consume the earth” mentality.  Use it and abuse it, the very opposite of what God told us to do when he made us.  If we are indeed living in “the end of days”  then a worldwide civilization based upon the blood of our own planet makes perfect sense…as it rises to a height above all civilizations prior it’s very foundation crumbles beneath it.  After all, everything else is built upon blood…why should this be any different?

the blood of the earth...on our hands??

5 thoughts on “Earth Vampires

  1. Clever. We have been dependent on oil for 80 or 90 years now. There is no way around it without drastically changing our standard of living. It’s right up there with food, oxygen, water. Speaking of water, it’s a dollar for a 16 oz. bottle of water at 7-11. Compare the price of gasoline with a bottle of water, which is obviously the most abundant liquid around. It’s not the material that determines cost, it’s the gathering, refining, processing, delivery, and demand.

    • True, there is no going back…at least not in a mass societal/collective way…we’re addicted to it, and all it gives us, for better or for worse. However, I would not put it right up there with food water and oxygen…if we have made ourselves so reliant upon it that it’s right up there with oxygen, when the majority of people throughout the history of the world have lived just fine without it, then we are stupid in having made ourselves so weak, so vulnerable. Just think of the height of our constitutional republic, probably between the 1830’s and 1850’s, before Lincoln got in there and went all “Federal Dictator” on us….more freedom in our country during that time than in any time recent. When we care only about luxury and ease of living we become enslaved by these things, and these things are used by our leaders to further enslave us…it’s just like Benjamin Franklin said “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”…. But it’s OK, for God has always built these certain mechanisms of homeostasis into His Creation and so if we have erred in our utilization of oil there will come a correction…possibly in the form of massive earthquakes, I would think.

  2. Hi, Evenavapor. I’m happy to have found your writings again (though I never did request your new url). This is an important post, I think. Made me look at some things in new ways. Interesting info about crude.

    God bless you and yours.

  3. Interesting. I forget where exactly in Revelation, but it talks about how when the women gives birth to a son and the dragon sends out a flood to catch them the earth opens her mouth to handle the flood. It is an interesting verse to say the least. I think there is much we do not think about when we read the Bible. I know I personally have skimmed over the more fantasical stuff and gone back and realized that if the whole Bible is true then so is this. And many myths and legends may indeed be true.

    Scary stuff.

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