I’m NOT Voting

I have decided to NOT VOTE in this upcoming presidential election, and I keep telling various people this, as it comes up in conversation, and all the reactions I get are quite humorous…

Like my husband’s response “Good, women should have never been given the right to vote anyways!” ..((designed to set off my feminist “righteous indignation” I assume, but I don’t have any *shrugs shoulders* LOL!! )).

Mostly it’s the same ol’ same ol’ “If you don’t vote then we’re gonna get four more years of HELL!” or some variation there-of, and that may be true, but what they aren’t prepared for is what I say next…

I’m just fine with that *big cheesy grin*

So, you’re FINE with death, destruction, etc. etc. ??

I know it won’t be pretty, but I AM prepared to DIE for my Faith…are you??

And then they do that thing, you know, where their mouth is halfway open like a fish or baby bird, caught in mid-sentence..not really knowing how to proceed…

((FYI, fear tactics, the same as sexism tactics, DO NOT work on me…just for the record..))

And that’s just the thing, whether I live or die is not up to me!

“Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it…” ~Luke 17:33

I stand AGAINST The Whole System! I refuse to participate in it as much as I can control, most especially the political system.

Do you not understand?? To vote is to condone.

Condone: to regard or treat (something bad or blameworthy) as acceptable, forgivable, or harmless.

To condone is to be A Friend (after all, you do not condone the works of an enemy, do you??)…to be A FRIEND with the very world that GOD is at enmity with!! DUH! πŸ™„

“Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” ~James 4:4

There are certainly areas over which I have no control, where I must participate in the evil system of this world to a certain extent…like buying gasoline for example (but then again, I guess I could just choose to not drive, and in the future that could be a possibility…who knows??) …BUT, I have this habit of only concerning myself with that which I CAN Control, after all why would God want me to concern myself with things beyond my control??

That is what FAITH is for, I leave that part in His Hands..it is HIS World and he is 100% completely Sovereign over it!

They can pass whatever laws they want, but they mean NOTHING.

The government trying to outlaw God or The Bible or Christianity is like a council of toddlers getting together to pass laws to outlaw parents…so silly…and worthless.

Men Plan and God Laughs.

I refuse to condone evil. Let it flourish, let it come into full bloom that God will be forced to all the more quickly smash it down and we can all be DONE with it! …this is not my home, and if it must come to death I AM prepared to die for My Faith. Are you??

“And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.”
~Daniel 2:44

11 thoughts on “I’m NOT Voting

  1. I agree! I’ve always been so disgusted with the political system anyway and I DIDN’T vote last time either. I know I can’t control anything that happens anyway (especially in politics) and I know what I need to do in my life to return to Heavenly Father someday. So………….I totally get where you are coming from and I too will not be voting.

  2. Well said. I totally agree. I regret taking part in the last two elections. And if people think the red will be any better than the blue, they are delusional. If anything, we, as a nation, will spiral towards destruction even faster. The clock is already ticking.

  3. I especially hate it when people say stuff like “you don’t deserve to live in this country if you don’t support this or that or ‘do your part’ “. As if not participating somehow disqualifies me from walking on God’s green earth – wherever it may be. Though I suppose that to the extent that I do participate, I will feel the effects of the fall of Babylon. So the (simple) solution is to drop out, whether it be practically (physically) or attach-mental-ly. God gives and God takes away. Not govt gives and govt takes away.

    Someone was recently getting angry over gas prices, saying they shouldn’t be that high, etc. My thought was that they should be even higher. Then more people would be forced to trust God for provision instead of the system.

    As far as the-powers-that-wanna-be trying to outlaw God, I think that’s also good. There should be separation between church and state. If the world compromises with the people of God, that just means the people of God are compromising with the world (two-way street).

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    Wondering if I could email you – I have some gardening questions and who better to ask!

    (BTW…I won’t be voting either)

    • Thanks! I think I’ll email so I can feel more comfortable including location and whatnot πŸ˜‰
      We got a late start today so I’m a bit behind so look for an email later today or even tomorrow!

  5. Stephanie,

    I sure hope that you know the above comment isn’t from me and Jason. Some dipshit is impersonating me and thinks they’re being witty by doing so.

    As you know, Jason and I don’t vote. And we sure as hell wouldn’t vote for Obama even if we did.

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