Ode to Fall

Fall. My Favorite Time Of Year.
Harvest is still going strong…tomatoes, peppers, okra, snap beans…and, of course all of the lovely Fall Greens…the lettuces, swiss chard, spinach, lacinato kale, mache…delicious Fall Salads with homemade goat cheese, and apples and black walnuts from the woods…
Steaming hot bowls of chili, crockpot roast beef
Homemade Pumpkin Pie and more hot coffee please
with cinnamon and nutmeg and a dash of vanilla.
Oh and Venison! It will be hunting season afterall, soon very soon..

Cooler temperatures mean Bonfires. And Oktoberfest Beer.
Log running. Wood splittin’ and wood stackin’ the trees felled in Spring and allowed to season on spot. That first woodstove fire on a crisp cool morning, and the smell, that ancient primal smell of woodsmoke awakening the most primitive memories locked away in our souls…of simpler ways and simpler times….
And oh the colors! The trees are just now in their opening act, the Maples always go first…they are the showiest afterall, I prefer the bright yellow of the Birch that still clings late in the season after most other trees are done.
The covers and coverings, sweaters and hoodies and jeans and thick socks, taken out of storage, laundered and line dried in that golden yellow autumn sunshine…and then the application of the flannel sheets and the wool blankets and thick quilts, to all the beds. Looking so plump and comfy…
And reading and reading, by oil lamplight in the cricket studded quietude of retired sleeping children, books stacked 2 feet off the table with mug of tea in hand steam swirl condensing on my nose, warming my face.
And the lengthening nights with stars so crystal sharp and bright it takes your breath away..
These and many many more reasons are why I love Fall 🙂

((pictures of The Land taken by ME. Fall 2011))

3 thoughts on “Ode to Fall

  1. I’ve stumbled on your blog and I think it’s so admirable—all the aged wisdom you possess at such a young age. You’re bringing back some tried and true traditions…and I appreciate learning or re-learning them. Thank you. Renee

  2. Beautiful pics! I have always LOVED Fall… The smell of the leaves & the chill in the air is enough to surround me in comfort. I also ditto the hot tea & books & almost everything else you said. Happy Fall! Mrs.C

  3. Lovely photos and lovely sentiments! I agree. Although, summer is so short here, I’m not very enthusiastic about welcoming Fall. Once it’s here, I accept it and revel in it though! 🙂

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