One Week Without Sugar: Day Three

Now I am burning fat for energy, I don’t have the ketone sticks to prove it…I should have picked some up last time I went into town to run errands.  But I have been in ketosis before and I remember what it feels like and it feels GOOD, solid sharp mental functioning and sturdy stalwart physical strength…I feel like I could go outside and push a tree down as if it were a toothpick..and I am NOT over-exaggerating, that’s the cool part.  I LOVE burning fat over sugar for energy, it’s like me but enhanced… somehow…I think this is how most people were designed to function, most people are really missing out on life.

I have my own theory on this, I call it “The Russian Nesting Doll Theory”.  Imagine yourself and all the many facets of yourself and your body as little russian nesting dolls.  Like the dolls inside of dolls, each doll should be seen as a whole in relation to all the others.  The smallest doll, lets say, represents the whole of nutrition…from the proper preparation of the soil, through the harvesting, handling, processing, and marketing of food; the careful selections which make it possible for each of the body requirements to be fully met; the precise and proper preparation and the gracious serving of that food; the pleasantness and relaxation necessary to assure digestion and full absorption of nutrients; and other factors which can be controlled to prevent destruction of nutrients in the body (things like limiting sugar and sprouting seeds to neutralize phytic acid) and the subsequent losses through the excreta.

The next larger doll might symbolize the body as a whole, all of it’s parts and organs functioning co-operatively and in harmony with each other.  Health is not simply just one part of the body, not something outside it to which we must attain, instead it is the cumulative effect of every cell in the body functioning in a right and normal manner.  Whether recognized by the mainstream medical community or not, disease is not simply one part of the body but exists in every body cell.  If the cells don’t have what they need to be healthy the logical result will always be disease, whether it be communicable disaese (like the common cold) or a disease of improper or poor nutrition (like heart disease or cancer).

The third doll would symbolize the needs of the body as a whole…such as love, worthiness, peace of mind, psychological adjustment, relaxation, and personal recognition as well as the needs of the physical body such as exercise, sleep, fresh air, sunshine, and warmth.

The fourth doll would represent the individual in relation to his enviroment; family, friends, work, hobbies, and recreation.  And the largest and final doll would be representative of the individual’s personal philosophy, religion, convictions, ethics, prejudices and morals…which, in turn, would determine the part that he/she plays in the world.  In order for the largest “doll” to function rightly all the other “dolls” within it must also be in good working order…nutrition, when seen in this light, is still a small part of the whole; yet it remains the most vital part.

What you do, know, and believe is almost entirely dependent upon the state of the body…if you are sickly because of poor nutrition (and this is the state of the majority of the population) work will seem like drudgery, you won’t have any energy for hobbies and you would care less about anything having to do with philosophy or religion or morals because you would hate your life and therefore hate God.  It’s difficult to think in a “higher consciousness” type way (choosing the Love Filled Spirit response/reaction over the Fleshly Fallen Human response/reaction) when your body is beaten down and sickly…this is the overall reason why they tamper with the food supply, making things that should not be so… abominations like corn or soybean oil, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and all the crops that have been genetically tampered with in the name of the Almighty Dollar (their god)…we were never meant to eat these…these foods make us SICK, and on top of that they give us pharmaceuticals in the name of “making us well” which just makes us sicker,  and sickly people are easier to control.  At least that’s the way I see it, but I digress….

Anyways, I am really feeling thinner and healthier and I am really tempted to weigh myself, but I am not going to until the end of this “week without sugar”.  I started this week at 201 pounds and I am hoping that at the end of this week I will weigh WELL BELOW 200 pounds…that’s is my goal anyways.

Here is what I ate yesterday:

4 oz. raw goat’s milk (from our goats)

1 tbsp. all natural peanut butter (just ground peanuts and salt)

12oz. cup of coffee w/ 6 oz. raw goat’s milk

4 oz. plain whole milk yogurt

3 eggs scrambled in 2 tbsp. butter made into an “egg salad” using 2 tbsp. Mayo, 1 dill pickle chopped, and 1/4 of a red onion chopped

I also had one beer.  I blame my husband, he went into town to run errands yesterday and brought home some Magic Hat microbrewery beers…I had to try the one called “Demo” a black india pale ale, and it was GOOD…and well worth the 15 carbs!

With that beer I had about 6oz. of crockpot pot roast, 1/2 cup RAW sauerkraut and a big dollop of sour cream and horseradish…it was super delish! 😀

Here is my breakdown from Fitday:

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