There are very few songs that I have heard in life that I remember exactly where I was and exactly what I was doing when I heard them.  This is one of those songs.  I first heard the song “Drive” while I was driving home.  I was 17 years old, almost 18, it was the spring of 2001 (I’m pretty sure it was March) and I was leaving my friend’s house very late at night….getting in my car, turning the key in the ignition, and this song began playing on the radio, right at the beginning…just as if I had pressed the “play” button on my stereo…like I was meant to hear it.  Right away I understood it’s meaning and it’s gotten a bum rap over the years as being “anti-christian” (I suppose because of the “choose water over wine” line) but  they couldn’t be further from the truth because the song is about choosing FAITH over fear.  Fear is The Enemy, always.  Looking back now, over 10 years later, I realize that this song was my “Wake-Up Call”…this is when my awakening began….having been an awkward dorky teenager living in FEAR for most of my life up until that point, this song caused me to see myself and by seeing myself I started living for myself alone…truly, for the first time, not caring AT ALL what anyone thought or said 🙂

(my thoughts are in purple)

Sometimes I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear

And I can’t help but ask myself how much I’ll let the fear take the wheel and steer

(fear of the unknown is what drives the majority of people, fear is the opposite of love….fear is a tool of Satan, love is of God, God IS LOVE….by allowing fear to take the wheel and steer his life he is letting himself be used by the demonic forces that control the world…he’s questioning if this is the right thing to do)

It’s driven me before and it seems to have a vague haunting mass appeal

But lately I’m beginning to find that I should be the one behind the wheel

(he’s allowed fear, the demonic forces that operate behind the facade of fear, to run his life before and he sees how it is the “normal” path for the majority of people in the world….but he’s beginning to come to the conclusion that maybe he should drive his own life and not let “others” do it simply because he is afraid.) 

Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there
With open arms and open eyes yeah
Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there, I’ll be there

(with the chorus is where the FAITH part comes in….by choosing NOT to live in fear he is by default putting his faith in something greater than himself….only God can take away that driving fear of the unknown and open our arms…ie the heart…and from there our eyes are opened to see that LIFE belongs to each individual and that individual ALONE, to be lived out how each individual sees fit… it can NEVER be a collective thing, the moment it becomes apart of a collective life stops being lived.)

So if I decide to waiver my chance to be one of the hive

Will I choose water over wine and hold my own and drive, oh oh

(these lines, I feel, are the most telling of all… “the hive”, meaning those who are the zombie brainwashed conformists that allow the demonic forces of the world to control their minds through FEAR…and that’s pretty much almost everyone lol…he’s saying that by deciding to NOT be one of them, he is choosing water over wine….a lot of people say this line is about not giving into peer pressure at a party and not drinking alcohol, foregoing the “party lifestyle” and I would say that that could be the very superficial meaning….but I think it has more to do with money, by choosing to NOT be apart of  “the hive” he may be choosing to give up being “rich”, and he’s saying that he’s willing to give up the luxuries that he would recieve by becoming apart of “the hive” in order that he might receive TRUE happiness by forging his own path. Water also symbolically represents Spirit and wine would be more symbolic of the pleasure based hedonistic lifestyle.)  

It’s driven me before and it seems to be the way

That everyone else gets around

But lately I’m beginning to find that when I drive myself, My Light is found

(fear has driven him before, making him a willing vessel to be used by the demonic forces that live off fear…this is the way that most everyone else gets around…but he’s found THE TRUTH that when he “drives himself”, which means forging his own path in life as an individual person, his LIGHT…which is the soul, his soul…is found.   …if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light….)

Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there
With open arms and open eyes yeah
Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there, I’ll be there

Would you kill The Queen to crush the hive? (this line was in the original release of the song but later taken out when the song became popular….my guess is that “The Queen” got angry…hahahahaha! 😀 )

Would you choose water over wine,

Hold the wheel and drive?

Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there
With open arms and open eyes yeah
Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there, I’ll be there

(being in posession of his soul now, whatever tomorrow brings it will be HIM that is there and not some kind of “fake facade”…character role….foisted upon him by “the hive”)

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