A Different Perspective


First, a history.  I grew up in a traditional nuclear (my parents are still together btw, a rare and beautiful thing in this day and age..) southern baptist christian family.  We celebrated every holiday with gusto!  and Christmas was the biggest and most special 😀  Growing up, I loved Christmas…setting up the tree as decoration, baking cookies and a birthday cake for Jesus, giving gifts to each other to celebrate His Birthday, and oh the lights, I always loved all the Christmas lights!  One year, as a young teen, I think I was about 14 years old, I used some of my babysitting money and bought a 2 foot tall fake Christmas tree and decorations and decorated my room all up for Christmas in October! 😆

Then, around The Christmas Season in 2005, when I was 22 years old, I discovered some articles online about the pagan origins of Christmas and how it wasn’t really the Birthday of Jesus and I was shocked!  and then dismayed and then annoyed…because, you see, I really did think that it was His Birthday.  Living in a family of 4 kids, birthdays were always a big deal at our house and having been trained  from a very early age that birthdays are special and require big celebrations, I naturally took the birthday of my risen Lord and Savior as a VERY BIG DEAL!   Then when I found out that it wasn’t really His Birthday, my next thought was “then what’s the point??  why bother??”  As I have said in previous posts, I have a very hard time in playing along with a lie, if it’s not true then it’s not for me.

I then brought all of these articles to Nathan’s attention and he was like “yeah, I already know all that, it’s all true.”

“WHAT!?  Then why didn’t you tell me??  Here we’ve been married for 3 years and celebrated 3 Christmases together and yet you never told me!”

“I thought you knew, everybody knows that…you don’t know that?? and besides you look like you really enjoy Christmas, I didn’t want to spoil it for you.”

“But if it’s not HIS Birthday, then there is no point!”

“That’s exactly what I’ve always thought too.”

And that settled it.  We still finished out Christmas 2005 since it was already upon us, and we halfway celebrated Christmas 2006 for the sake of family who were visiting us during The Christmas Season in our new home in West Virginia after we moved from Maryland, we didn’t want to spoil their holiday…but, since then, we have not celebrated Christmas or Easter…this year will be our 6th year not celebrating Christmas.

Now, this is where you wrongly assume that I am going to tell you about all the EVILS of Christmas and rant and rave and I have done that in the past and the response I got was always very telling …”so what?” people would say “we like it, don’t ruin it for us!”….and again, shock, dismay, annoyance…all these feelings would envelope me.  I could not understand why people who profess to be His Followers would want to invest so much time, and energy, and money and resources into something that wasn’t even true!!

My Birthday is on May 11th, if someone came up to me on July 11th with a birthday cake and presents and balloons and said “We know that it isn’t really your Birthday but, it’s the thought that counts right?? Happy Birthday!” would I be happy about that?  Frankly, NO.  The person’s willful and blind ignorance would reveal that they really had no love for me, they would have been better off not remembering My Birthday at all.

Look, I don’t really care what other people do, I’m not trying to ruin people’s holiday.  I understand, it’s your culture…your ways, and they are different from my own culture and ways of thinking and doing…it’s always been that way, all of my life, even when I did celebrate Christmas.  It’s like going to China or India during the midst of some celebration completely foreign to my own culture, I’m not going to be an ass and hate on it, and if you wish me a Merry Christmas I’ll wish you one right back because I know it’s important to you.

Yesterday I took a trip into “da big city” to do a bit of shopping, it was soooooo busy, with all the Christmas shoppers and the music and the decorations and the toys, oh the toys!  And I was waiting in line behind an old grandmotherly type lady who had lotsa toys in pink boxes stacked up on the counter for purchase, most likely for a grand daughter or two and she held up a toy and showed it to me and said “do you know if this is the right toy?” speaking of some actress/singer on some TV show…and I replied “I’m sorry but I really don’t know…” pointing to 2 of my sons that were with me “…I’ve got boys, so I really don’t know what the girls are into these days”  and she sighed and said “well, I really hope it’s the right thing cause she’d be really upset if it isn’t and I’d hate to waste all this time and energy for nothing”.

And I was so sad!   At that very moment I just felt like crying!!  Because here was this older grandmother lady so badly wanting to relate with her grand daughter and please her and receive her love, and spending all this time and energy and money, which she most likely doesn’t have much left of…and most likely she probably bought the wrong thing and the girl will not be pleased and all the grandmother wanted was some love and to make her happy…and for what purpose is it all?  Just to make people feel like they are never good enough? and can never do enough? . . . I was depressed for the rest of the day…

7 thoughts on “A Different Perspective

  1. Totally agree. We also do not celebrate Christmas & it’s been around 6 years for us as well. I was so naive before and didn’t really know why I celebrated it. I just did because it seemed fun and was something I thought everyone partook of. Not that we no longer celebrate, we are looked at as “aliens” & odd for not partaking of this heathen day. It’s amazing how much I believed in because I didn’t study and research the things of God for myself. I always thought that Adam & Eve ate of the apple, but yet the Bible says fruit. I was always taught there were “3” wise men and yet the Bible just says wise men and not a number. Truly shows the importance of not relying on what is said, but on what is truth.

    . We have seen so much strife in our family around Christmas, it was uncomfortable and a tense situation to be in. People will go to many extremes to buy the “perfect gift” and yet I go to yard sales and see brand new items with tape and leftover christmas wrapping paper on them. I teach my children the importance of giving, but not because our society/traditions say we should set aside a day to. We should give from our hearts out of love and respect, not because it’s what everyone does and we will be an outcast if we don’t. So thankful to have peace from the truth and not be burdened with the traditions of man. Yet I am no better than others and saddened to see the many traditions that men and women are persuaded by. May you & your family have a wonderful weekend! Mrs.C

  2. What you say is so right Mrs. C..especially about teaching our children to give. That is the biggest protest that people usually try and use on us for not celebrating christmas, like we’re all stingy evil scrooges or something, and that’s just not true! We live giving as a way of life, Jesus provides all our needs always, my supply is eternal and infinite, there is no reason not to give, ever. And we live that everyday…not just once a year! Blessings to you and yours 🙂

  3. Just wondering what holidays you do celebrate? And I’m not being divisive by asking – I’m truly curious.

    I know that December 25 isn’t Jesus’ “real” birthday, but we do still celebrate it on that day. I don’t know His real birthday, so if we don’t celebrate on Christmas, I’d be picking another arbitrary date on the calendar. So I’m just wondering if your family does something like that, or do you just not celebrate on any day since you don’t have the “real” date?

    We think of if this way – and I say this by way of explanation of our rationale, in no way to attempt to change your mind! – if we don’t know a person’s real birthday (if they were adopted, abandoned, etc.) we “create” a day for them to celebrate their birthday on, their very own special day. My daughter loves to celebrate our dogs’ birthdays (don’t ask me – maybe it’s a girly girl thing? I’m not a girly girl, so I can’t say, lol!) but we only know the real birthday for one of them (and only because my brother’s dog gave birtht to her). The other dog we adopted from a shelter, & they took him in as a “teenager”, so they just guesstimated his age. My daughter picked April 15 as his birthday just because that’s the date she thought of, & so that’s the day she showers him with birthday wishes & lots & lots & lots of love, in celebration of him being born. (She’s only 8, by the way… maybe she’ll outgrow this phase… but she hasn’t in 4 years, so I don’t know…)

    I hope you don’t mind my questioning – I really am learning a lot more about my faith & Truth & whatnot, & I only learn by asking questions. 🙂

  4. Laura, I don’t mind your questions at all! 🙂 We really take The 10 Commandments most seriously and really work on honing them and teaching them to our children…for this reason, the observance of The Weekly Sabbath is very important to us. All the happy excited feelings and decoration and the “spirit” of celebration that tends to come along with your average christmas, we endeavor to cultivate those feelings and experiences every week as part of our weekly Sabbath…which for us, begins with a nice friday night feast and continues into saturday and ends when everybody goes to sleep on saturday…it’s every week, without fail. Other than The Sabbath, the other holy day that we take most seriously is Passover…we observe the Biblical Holy Days and educate our children on them and note their passing (we also educate our children about the other civic holidays as well…) but we don’t really do these huge “christmas style” celebrations or anything…
    I’m not saying it’s wrong to celebrate his birth on a day that isn’t actually his birth, it’s just that, in my mind, the way it works, is that it all just seems like a tremendous waste of time and money and resources and all for something that isn’t even true…when, for those who profess to be Christ Followers, a BIG PART of The Walk is refusing to dabble in lies, The Bible talks about lies continuously, the WHOLE (man made) world is built on a foundation of LIES, even saying that those who loveth and maketh a lie are barred from the kingdom of God (Rev. 22:15). In the case of your dog, I don’t see how there is anything wrong with that, it’s just an animal and God gave us dominion over animals to use and treat as we see fit, (we have dominion over the animals in much the same way that God has dominion over us..) it is part of our duty as humans to take care of the animals and if giving a dog a birthday celebration is important to a person then it’s a perfectly acceptable part of exercising their duty.
    You might be interested in reading one of my past blog posts: https://musingsofamountainmama.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/the-lies-we-tell-ourselves/

  5. Stephanie,

    I appreciate you posting this. I just did a quick segment on this on my radio show because I keep getting those questions. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-homeschool-homemaker

    Several years ago when I had my own blog, I walked through researching xmas. It is weird that you use the birthday cake example, because that is what I came to and blogged about as well. It is about cutting all connections to your old love and being faithful and exclusive to your new love. Being married.

    As of now for our family, my Husband wants some of the xmas traditions. So I have simply asked him not to teach the children that santa is real or that any of it has anything to do with Jesus.

    Frankly when I see Christains running around trying to “take back” the season for Jesus I am horribly embaressed.

    I thought I would share that with you and any commenters who have come to see the truth but have a Husband who still wants to do it.

    And I pray one day we stand together.

    I would love to interview you on natural health and healing. I have enjoyed your thoughts on this for years.
    God Bless you and yours,

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