The Homestead Diet Day Two

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I did not eat much yesterday at all, and surprisingly I didn’t even feel very hungry.  I did do a lot of work in the garden though, I have decided that I am going to go as long as I can with this homestead diet and that thought has renewed my efforts in caring for the garden and for the land.  I planted more lettuce, radishes, and swiss chard yesterday and thinned out radishes and swiss chard seedlings that were already growing and I erected a “trellis” of sorts for some green peas that are getting too leggy now.   Peas only need about a 3ft. tall trellis so I used branches that I had pruned off the peach trees, ones with all the little twigs on them and stuck them in the ground along the row, all of these branches were about 3-4 ft. tall and the little pea vines will grab on and grow right up ’em without any problem.  We grow A LOT of peas ALL OVER the garden and in places where it would be impractical to erect a permanent trellis, so using fruit tree prunings is a great way to support the peas without much work and when the peas are done I just pull the branches out of the ground and burn them with the rest of the brush that is always being constantly cleared from the land it seems.

This homestead diet has brought to my mind at least one piece of equipment that would be VERY helpful, and that would be a milk separator!  That way I could separate the milk from the cream and use the cream in more ingenious and inventive ways, like for instance I could make goat butter to put on our homegrown vegges or homemade ice cream using a custard mixture of goat cream and eggs from our hens with stevia as a sweetener.  And it would be really nice to have cream in my coffee again too!  ((we’ve had goats since 2009 so it’s been that long since I have used cream in my coffee)).  I can’t decide if I should get a manual one or an electric one though…I’m usually partial to getting electric, just at first,  just to make things easy until I get in the routine of using such a device and then eventually switch over to a manual one.  That was what we did when we started grinding our own flour, first we got an electric grinder, which worked great but it was so loud, I could not even stand to be in the same room with it when it was operating so we very quickly switched over to a manual grinder and sold the electric one on E-Bay, even made a profit on it 😀  But this time I might just go for it and get the manual one, they seem to be running between $150-$200 and there is one type that even comes with it’s own butter churn…

RAMP and goat cheese quiche with spinach salad, I ate ALL this and then went pack for seconds lol

RAMP and goat cheese quiche with spinach salad, I ate ALL this and then went back for seconds lol

So, here is what I ate yesterday:

1/2 of 1 whole RAMP and goat cheese quiche w/ a side of spinach salad topped with radish and swiss chard sprouts that I thinned from the garden

2 pieces of leftover cornbread from the day before

12 oz. of goat’s milk

Drinks: Coffee w/ goat’s milk, iced green tea, and water

Total: 1,231 calories (not much I know, but honestly I was not hungry!  it’s so weird…)

Now, for today, it’s time to tackle the 10 POUNDS of spinach that we picked over the course of the past few days! 😀

dat be 10 POUNDS of spinach

dat be 10 POUNDS of spinach

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