I Play Video Games While Breastfeeding

Do any other mothers out there do this??  Or am I the only one??  I don’t think there is anything wrong with it…it is a really effective way to keep the other children entertained and out of mischief during a time when it would be nearly impossible for me to quickly get up and put a stop to any shenanigans they try and come up with….and believe you me, they DO try and come up with plenty, they’re not stupid….  “Mom is breastfeeding and indisposed, now is the perfect time to strike!” 😉

Not that I play video games every time I breastfeed the baby, out of the 10+ times a day that I breastfeed I may play video games one or two of those times…I also accomplish plenty of school work while breastfeeding.  I have thus far taught 2 children to read while breastfeeding and I am working on the third one.  I can cook dinner while breastfeeding too..with this last baby I mastered the art of “stand-up breastfeeding” 😀

I’ve breastfed in the bathtub, while gardening, while brushing my teeth, while hiking, while eating,  while sitting in the middle of the woods on a huge boulder…my baby has even milked me while I was milking the goats! LOL!  *sorry but that is just incredibly funny to me*

I’m even breastfeeding right now as I type this post 😆

It’s so easy and simple, requires no equipment, wastes no time, you can do it anywhere and at anytime even while sleeping, it costs nothing, it entertains your baby and makes him feel happy and secure…it’s the best thing since….no, it’s better than sliced bread, actually a LOT better!

There is just absolutely, positively NO downside to breastfeeding your baby…I can’t think of one…can you??

If the mega food conglomerates had their way THIS is exactly how it would be...McBaby from cradle to grave...frankly, this picture makes me feel queasy 😳

click to enlarge

5 thoughts on “I Play Video Games While Breastfeeding

  1. You didn’t mention breastfeeding while on the toilet : ) This doesn’t happen often, but sometimes when I gotta go, I just gotta go.

  2. Haha Mrs. M! Yup, I’ve done that one too, especially when they are newborns and so tiny and you just don’t have the heart to let them cry 🙂

  3. lol!! I had to laugh at this, this totally sounds like me (btw, is this Skyrim?) I’m a huge Morrowind series fan. 🙂 I found your blog via pinterest (the coconut oil deoderant post) glad i did, we have alot in common (both are, homesteading homeschooling mountain momma’s in the great state of WV 🙂 *hi 5* just thought i’d say hi and keep up the cool posts 😉

    • haha! Yup, that’s Skyrim…LOVE that game 🙂 Where are you in WV? I’m in the southeast near Lewisburg…moved here about 6 years ago from Maryland for the cheaper land…always wanted to live out in the country and it’s SO BEAUTIFUL here!

      • lol! i knew it 🙂 sweet! I’m in Harrison Co. 🙂 my DH and I bought ourselves a farm about 5-6 years ago as well. I was born and raised here and he was from Ca. It’s been challenging at times (as i’m sure you totally understand 🙂 but so worth it too! right now we’ve only got fruit trees and chickens but plan to have a large garden, goats, sheep and bees in the near future too. Our xbox 360 died (we’re mourning the loss) and until we can buy new my skyrim days are halted. lol. How cool to run into you on pinterest! 🙂

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