The Health Benefits Of Tobacco

A Virginia Gold Tobacco Plant in the garden…almost ready for harvest!

Now, I know what you are thinking, “What?!  What in the world is she talking about??  Tobacco Kills!”

And I am asking you, for 5 seconds, to just step outside your mind control and consider what I am about to tell you with an open and objective mind.  First of all, lemme get one thing straight, I am NOT talking about cigarettes (which contains HUNDREDS of additives that are NOT healthy in any way shape or form) or any commercially grown tobacco (grown using pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers etc.)…so you can scratch those things off the list right from the get-go.

What I AM talking about is Tobacco as a plant, for that is what it is.  It is NOT a drug!  Tylenol is a DRUG! Advil is a DRUG! Dimetapp is a DRUG!  Tobacco is a plant, created by God, for each individual person to utilize as they see fit…for that is the responsibility that HE has given us as human beings on this planet.  To have DOMINION (sphere of influence, control, sovereignty) over ALL Creation, NOT the government, but each indiviual person as a sovereign human being.

For over three hundred years Tobacco has been the backbone of our American Economy and there is nothing wrong with that.  The people who malign tobacco have a hidden agenda, they want to control the population through FEAR…fear of tobacco and the ostracization and shaming of those who continue to use it (the divide and conquer tactic, always having people fighting amongst themselves over stupid things that have no actual basis in REAL reality) being one way, and also downplaying and rewriting our history as being backwards and wrong because America has always been a tobacco-growing and tobacco-loving country.  To vilify Tobacco is, at it’s heart, part of a scheme to vilify Traditional Constitutional America and ALL that it stands for, including the TRUTH contained within Our Constitution that Our Rights come to us from Our Creator and NOT from the government…but, I digress…

We are growing tobacco for the first time this year and it is quite a beautiful and very easy to grow plant.  When the plants were still quite young we harvested a few leaves from each one and air dried them in the traditional method, by hanging them upside down in a WARM (80-90F) well-ventilated room until the leaves dry and turn brown, if the leaves turn yellow it means that the temperature wasn’t warm enough and it won’t taste good.  We then vaporized it using a Vapor Genie which we also use for other herbs such mullien, sage or catnip.  I have weak lungs from a bad case of bronchitis that I got as a young teen and often treat recurring issues (such as asthma) by inhaling the water vapor of herbs that are beneficial to the lungs.

I was very surprised by how pronounced the taste was!  Even in young leaves!  We’re growing the original heirloom Virginia Gold Tobacco that made this country very rich….and it is VERY rich-tasting!  But mild also, with no harshness at all.  Really very good stuff and I am excited for when ALL of our plants reach full maturity! 😀

According to the well-researched book “The Health Benefits of Tobacco” written by: Dr. William Douglass (he also wrote “The Milk Book”…now called “The Raw Truth About Milk” which I read several years ago), from the studies he has conducted and read, the health benefits of tobacco are numerous and plentiful…even when smoking cigarettes!  But only if you limit it to 6-10 cigarettes a day, more than 10 and the toxic additives and the smoke from the burning paper outweigh the beneficial effects.

Here is a partial list of the beneficial effects of tobacco usage:

*50% less cancer in general (those who inhale cigarette smoke have an increased risk of lung cancer, but many other types of cancer risk are actually reduced quite drastically by smoking).

*Even in the case of lung cancer, Japanese men, who are twice as likely to smoke as American men, not only live longer but also, remarkably, have lower rates of lung cancer than Americans. (this is mostly due to the different methods of curing…Americans use flue-curing which speeds up the process but creates more sugar in the leaf…The Japanese use the traditional air-drying method that I mentioned earlier in this post.)

*–In fact, there’s a stronger relation between medical radiation, such as X-rays and lung cancer, than there is between smoking and lung cancer.

*Smokers have 50% less Alzheimer’s disease.

*Smokers have 50% less Parkinson’s disease.

*Smokers have 50% less prostate cancer.

*Smokers have 50% less uterine cancer (or endometrial cancer).

*Smokers have 50% less ulcerative colitis.

*Smokers have 30% less colon cancer.

*Smokers have 5 times less osteoarthritis.

*One study of 300 women showed that those smoking a pack a day for four years had a 54% decrease in breast cancer over those who did not smoke at all.

*Thyroid cancer is significantly less common in women who smoke.

*Moderate smokers have less gum recession than nonsmokers.  Smokers are actually at lower risk from gum disease than non-smokers.

*Nicotine prior to major surgery reduces memory loss due to that surgery.

*Nicotine stopped the growth of antibiotic resistant tuberculosis in laboratory tests, even in small amounts.

*Smoking lowers rates of sarcoidosis and allergic alveolitis (both of these are lung disorders).

*Smokers have less acne.

*Smokers suffer less obesity.

*Tourette’s syndrome improved within 24 hours while wearing a nicotine patch.

*Attention Deficit Disorder patients showed dramatic improvements  with nicotine.

*Smoking has been shown to stimulate alertness, dexterity, and cognitive capacity (Which might be one reason why the Synod of Dordrecht, which met in the Netherlands in 1618-1619 to discuss the doctrines of Calvinism, allegedly gave free cigars and beer to all the commissioners during their deliberations! LOL).

*Smoking can also counter both depression and excitability.

*Smoking inhibits blood clotting, thereby dissolving harmful clots in the arteries and relieving ischemic heart disease.  Smokers also have a much better chance to survive, heal, and do well after heart angioplastic surgery.

*Nicotine produces new blood vessel growth around blocked arteries.

*Smoking by women during pregnancy has been shown to significantly decrease the risk of high blood pressure, eclampsia, Down’s syndrome, and many other conditions related to pregnancy.

*Smoking by men was shown to cause a lowering of cholesterol.

*Children of smokers have a lower incidence of asthma.

*Study after study failed to find any consistent, positive correlation between smoking and musculoskeletal birth defects.  In fact, many studies showed a negative correlation – that is, smoking during pregnancy could result in fewer defects than not smoking.

*Studies have shown that nicotine acts as an analgesic, or painkiller, in humans.

So the next time you see a smoker huddled in the corner at his designated smoking spot don’t look at him disapprovingly, with your nose up in the air, thinking that you as a non-smoker are somehow better.  And ladies who have husbands who smoke, stop nagging at him to quit..his habit is mostly harmless and may even be doing some good!  He needs a partner who loves and supports him, “bad habits” and all, the whole world may be against him as a smoker but the last thing he needs is for his wife to be against him for something so trivial and so meaningless.

I find it very interesting that the rate of almost ALL forms of cancer are cut in HALF through tobacco usage, even smoking cigarettes!  Kind of makes you wonder what their true intent is in maligning tobacco, could it be that they want us to get cancer…to get cancer and then be dependent on them and their expensive pharmaceutical poisons to “cure” it, and in the process fleecing the public of it’s every penny…cancer treatment is NOT cheap folks!  They want you dependent upon them and their system (man’s way) of doing things.  When God has given us plants for food and for healing (Ezekiel 47:12).

“But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, by means of the hypocrisy of liars (such as those who say it is a sin to smoke, for example) seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron, men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods, which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth. 
For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected, if it is received with gratitude.” ~1 Timothy 4:1-4

It’s not such a bad little plant afterall….

13 thoughts on “The Health Benefits Of Tobacco

  1. I read this post when you first put it up, typed a comment & deleted it numerous times. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, & this is your blog to speak freely on.

    Since you put it out to the public, though, I have to say – I disagree completely. Doctors are known to be wrong a lot of the time – sheesh, I won’t even list the ones I’ve seen that made error after error til they got it right.

    But forget what any doctor said, in a book or otherwise. I lost both my parents plus a stepparent to smoking related cancers (& my dad smoked natural tobacco, just like you recommend in your post). I am personally very allergic to any type of tobacco smoke – cigarette, cigar, pipe – I sneeze driving down the road if someone is smoking in the car ahead of me.

    Not trying to be argumentative, Stephanie – just explaining the flip side of the coin. Some people can live to be 100 even while abusing & misusing their bodies. Others die in their prime after doing everything just right, but still fall ill.

    For my parents, they ate right, lived very active lives, & yet (for all 3 of them), tobacco killed them way too young. (Ages 59, 61, & 71.) I have seen first hand the destruction smoking causes, & I am appalled that any medical professional or healthy living advocate would suggest it is harmless.

    • I agree with you! SMOKE is bad, it’s never good to inhale smoke. But I don’t SMOKE tobacco, I use what is called a Vaporizer…most specifically a special vaporizing pipe called a Vapor Genie. You must have missed the 4th paragraph of my post where I stated this:

      We are growing tobacco for the first time this year and it is quite a beautiful and very easy to grow plant. When the plants were still quite young we harvested a few leaves from each one and air dried them in the traditional method, by hanging them upside down in a WARM (80-90F) well-ventilated room until the leaves dry and turn brown, if the leaves turn yellow it means that the temperature wasn’t warm enough and it won’t taste good. We then vaporized it using a Vapor Genie which we also use for other herbs such mullien, sage or catnip. I have weak lungs from a bad case of bronchitis that I got as a young teen and often treat recurring issues (such as asthma) by inhaling the water vapor of herbs that are beneficial to the lungs.

      There is no smoke involved, using a special filter the pipe vaporizes the water in the tobacco and you inhale that water vapor to get the nicotine and oxalic acid and other valuable components of the plant…there is no smoke involved, plus it’s homegrown organic so there is no pesticides or chemical fertilizers involved either. Remove the toxic effects of the smoke and tobacco IS a helpful and healthful little plant with numerous positive benefits on the body, it’s not that the plant itself is inherently unhealthy, it is the way in which it is most often used (smoking) that can make it unhealthy…read the book and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

      • Stephanie, I’m so thankful for your explanation. I did, indeed, miss that paragraph. In using tobacco that way, it seems to be as harmless as caffeine (just a stimulant). I somehow put the author’s words into your mouth. Whew! Thanks again for your clarification… as someone who has lost so many people to smoking, it’s such a personal thing to me. (And I know, everyone is going to die… but after seeing the pain & suffering that came from their particular illnesses, and hearing them say personally before dying that their greatest regret was smoking… well, it gets me all emotional just thinking about it.)

  2. I believe it is very likely that the anti-smoking policies of our government only serve to create more government. Research studies exist that support the case that smokers, due to high taxes, pay their own health care costs; in addition tobaccos taxes fund many government programs.

  3. I remember feeling terrible for weeks on end after I quit. I developed shortness of breath, psoriasis of the scalp, a mild case of depression, lost muscle mass, gained fat, lost concentration, gained three 3mm pockets (gum recession) and lost two notes from each end of my vocal range. My voice also sounded thinner somehow to the point where people would ask me why I changed my singing style.

    Everything returned to normal within 2 months of taking up smoking a pipe 5 times daily. Currently growing my own stuff so as to avoid the crap loaded into the commercial stuff.

    Also been doing a bit of research on chemtrails, and it seems to me there may be a link between the increased frequency of spraying worldwide and the now massive push to ban tobacco smoking globally. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that smoking somehow forms a protective layer of mucus within the lungs which catches inhale particulates and pathogens so that instead of entering the bloodstream and wreaking havoc on the immune system and neurological pathways they are coughed up in th morning when you wake up.

    Always best to follow your intuition (gut) and do your own experiments. Self-care not healthcare people.

  4. I quit smoking 1981. I have hated it for 30+ years. Now I find myself smoking again because of what I read about benefits it has for your health. I have smoked organic cigarettes, organic pipe tobacco and a few cigars. I find it very relaxing and I feel better and sleep better. I do have a number of health and auto immune issues that come under the umbrella of fibromyalgia which used to be called fibrotosis. This is likely a result of the many vaccines they gave me in the Marine Corp. These days I’m not so excited about killing people based on US government lies. So I like it but I am cautious about smoking to much. One or two cigarettes a day seems to do the trick. I’m in the process of making an extract as way to smoke less – or not at all. It has been used for thousands of years and when used in moderation I think it has many health benefits. What is unhealthy is what commercial tobacco growers have done to the plant. Chemicals used in growing and chemicals added to make you addicted to their product is where the danger and real crime lies. Now they have GMO’d it as well so your sure to get your MDR of roundup from it as well. In typical commercial fashion they have totally screwed it up. If any of our so called representatives in the government wanted to make something illegal – it should be that. But they are bought and paid for stooges. Always have been and always will be. Looking forward to growing some in the spring.

  5. Interesting. A few years ago I read an article on eating tabacco as you would eat spinach. Can’t locate it now tho.

  6. Hello and Thank you for this article. To be short & sweet… I’m male 50ish… Was an anti-smoker, hardcore… Have chronic osteoarthritis, severe 24/7 pain all over. Probably mostly self inflicted, lifted heavy weights all my life but there is a genetic connection too…. Hips about to be replaced. Also prostate problems… Always meds & supplements, don’t drink… No real sleep for months, was last year in a very dark place….Tobacco saved my life… True… Now I smoke 5/6 organic additive free roll ups per day, no more / no less… No, not a miracle cure, BUT now I sleep. NO prostate issues and best of all, no pain hasn’t gone, but I’m more or less in the driving seat… 3 days ( tops) after quitting & I’m just about back in the abyss…. Principles or no principles, statistics or no statistics – I choose life… This is just my experience. It is the truth. I do hope it helps someone in deep trouble, especially when it all gets so confusing. life is very precious…. Thank You.

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